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Who really undermines consumer confidence in COVID-19 vaccine?

*There’s growing mistrust regarding safety, efficacy of an anti-virus vaccine over Donald Trump Administration’s alleged rush of vaccine research to fit a political timetable

*Joe Biden demands transparency, scientific facts on any future virus vaccine

*US President accuses Kamala Harris, Biden of playing politics with his administration’s efforts

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As a follow-up to his earlier statement on the preparedness of the United States (US) to launch and distribute a vaccine for immunisation against the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic by November 1, 2020, President Donald Trump, again, has said that anti-virus vaccine will be available before elections in November.

Trump, however, has accused his Democratic rivals for the White House of undermining public confidence in the immunisation arrangement in the country.

The US President’s comments came days after Joe Biden’s vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris said she would not take Trump’s word on the safety and efficacy of an anti-virus vaccine if one were ready before the US presidential vote, says agency report.

Report further indicates that Trump faces intense pressure to curb the vaccine-related contagion that has clouded his re-election prospects, sparking worries his administration could rush vaccine research to fit a political timetable.

Biden was reported to have weighed in Monday, saying that he wanted transparency and scientific facts on any future vaccine for immunisation of the people.

He said: “I’m worried if we do have a really good vaccine, people are going to be reluctant to take it. So he’s (Trump) undermining public confidence.”

Trump, who is behind in national polls, fired back saying his rivals in the November 3 vote had both delivered “reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric.”

The President stated: “It’s so dangerous for our country what they say. The vaccine will be very safe and very effective.”

A shot to protect against the virus that has killed more than 189,000 in the US and hobbled the world’s largest economy has become another flashpoint ahead of polling day in the US.

Recall that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the past week asked states to sweep away red tape that could prevent a network of vaccine distribution centers being “fully operational by November 1, 2020.”

The president, after telling journalists to take off their anti-virus facemasks, also suggested again that a vaccine could be available before voters head to the polls.

He said: “We’re going to have a vaccine very soon, maybe even before a very special date.”

Meanwhile, Trump Monday said the United States was not a fully developed country.

He stated this at a news conference outside the White House that coincided with the U.S. Labour Day celebration.

According to him, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) treats China as a developing nation, and the U.S. “as a nation that is fully developed.”

He cited the U.S.-China trade agreement signed by the Obama administration under WTO conventions, describing it as one of the most disastrous trade deals in history.

“We are not fully developed, as far I am concerned,” he said.

According to him, “China didn’t t play by the rules. One of the reasons WTO is so bad is because China didn’t play by the rules.

“We did, but their rules were easier because they are considered a developing nation.

“So, their standards are much lower, but even at that they didn’t play by the rules,” he said.

No country has ever cheated America like China did for many years and decades, the president said, adding that the U.S. was getting nothing other than losses.

“But China was taking our money to build their military. You see they are building a very powerful military.

“We are lucky I am building ours otherwise we would be dwarfed right now by China,” he said.

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