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ConsumerConnect is Nigeria’s premier independent, consumer-centric, business-to-consumer (B2C) and citizen engagement specialised news publication and Web site, produced in Lagos and distributed worldwide.

The publication was established and registered July 2016 with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), National Centre for Nigeria at the National Library of Nigeria (NLN), in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The fundamental objective of ConsumerConnect is to empower consumers of products and services both in public and private sectors of the economy with helpful, accurate, current and correct product/service information and education.

This measure is applied with a view to sensitising consumers on their rights to derive value for money, while upholding responsible production, consumption, and excellent service delivery vis-à-vis their rights and responsibilities towards the realisation of a much healthier, safer, and more sophisticated consumer society.

We equally share insightful information on improvements in products quality, handling and logistics, safety management, regulations, and engage with stakeholders, including customer service managers, regulatory authorities, brand owners, manufacturers/producers, supply chain managers, distributors and agents as well as wholesalers and retailers as they ultimately, affect the consumer well-being (CWB).

Published and disseminated on multimedia platforms, including the print, electronic, digital formats and the Web, ConsumerConnect deploys other essential platforms to sensitise consumers on their rights and responsibilities.

Such veritable opportunities include awareness training, consumer advocacy forums, conferences, seminars, programmes, research surveys, special reports, and the Web, all aimed at promoting satisfying consumer experience as part of our cardinal principles of Consumer Awareness, Engagement, Choice, Protection, Confidence and Loyalty to improve the global economic space.

The publication is managed by an Editorial Team comprised of some of the best Nigerian media, communication and Web publishing professionals, with the support of Editorial Advisory Board of high-profile and credible experts in related fields of human endeavour.

ConsumerConnect  (ISSN: 2536-5967) is a publication of Wordkraft Communications Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.

Welcome to your favourite multimedia consumer platform where Consumer Experience Is A Top Priority.

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