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2024 NIMN: Organising marketing conference challenging but rewarding –Nana Milagrosa

Nana Milagrosa Utomi Biyang, Founder of MPXM Agency

*Nana Milagrosa Utomi Biyang, Founder and chief experience curator of MPXM Agency, describes organising of the recent National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria 2024 Annual Marketing Conference, in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, as ‘pretty challenging but quite rewarding’

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Nana Milagrosa Utomi Biyang, Founder and chief experience curator of MPXM Agency, has disclosed the task of organising the recent National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) 2024 Annual Marketing Conference held in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, was pretty challenging but quite rewarding.

Milagrosa, who served as  Chairman of the NIMN Events and Conference Committee stated that the responses from members of the NIMN truly reflected the collective enthusiasm and commitment within the Institute’s family.
Milagrosa, who has handled several national and international projects, including the last Hilda Bassey’s Cookathon and The Macallan immersive launch for The Reach, also revealed that organising the conference was a collaborative effort.

According to her, seeing such a robust turnout and active participation underscored the relevance and importance of the theme of the event, “Empowering Nigerian Brands: Leveraging Local Content for Global Success”.

She stated: “Our members’ engagement in the sessions, discussions, and networking activities has been phenomenal, reinforcing the idea that we are all dedicated to advancing the marketing profession in Nigeria.

“These massive responses are a testament to the hard work of our organising team and the support from our sponsors and partners, who played instrumental roles in making this event a resounding success.”

Milagrosa also noted the intellectual activities, the papers and the discussions during the conference were nothing short of exceptional.

“We had a diverse lineup of speakers and academia panelists from various higher institutes in Nigeria, each bringing unique insights and perspectives to the table.

“The white paper and interactive presentations on ‘Building Resilient Brands through Indigenous Innovation’ and ‘Harnessing Local Creative Talent for Global Brand Impact’ provided in-depth analyses and actionable strategies that resonated with our audience.

“The panel discussions were particularly engaging, with lively debates and thought-provoking questions from participants,” she stated.

She further explained those sessions not only highlighted the current trends and challenges in leveraging local content but also offered practical solutions and innovative approaches to achieving global success.

The Chairman of NIMN Events and Conference Committee said the rich exchange of ideas and knowledge had undoubtedly, “added immense value to our members and will inspire continued growth and excellence in their professional endeavours.”

This year’s conference has provided several key lessons that will help enhance future events, she noted.

Milagrosa stated that the  importance of early and thorough planning cannot be overstated.

She averred: “Our successful execution was a result of meticulous preparation and coordination among various stakeholders.

“It is noteworthy that fostering strong partnerships and collaborations with sponsors was crucial.”

Milagrosa also said: “The participation and contributions from our sponsors, such as HYDE ENERGY, LAFARGE, The Macallan, Friesland Campina, CWAY, GB FOODS, PZ Wilmar, and many others, were invaluable and significantly elevated the quality of the conference.”

According to her, the value of incorporating diverse perspectives from different industries, which enriched discussions and broadened the scope of their insights was notable learning curves.

Milagrosa added: “Additionally, the feedback from our members highlighted the need for more interactive and hands-on sessions, which I am certain NIMN will incorporate in future events.

“These lessons will guide NIMN in a continuous effort to deliver even more impactful and successful conferences in the years to come.”

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