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Regulator issues Arise TV ‘final warning’ over alleged breach of Broadcasting Code

Photo Collage of Arise TV News and NBC Credit: The Punch

*The National Broadcasting Commission issues Arise TV ‘final warning’ over alleged preponderance of unguarded, derogatory and incendiary remarks being allowed on the station against the Nigerian Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and the President

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has given the operators of Arise Television final warning on alleged violation of Broadcasting Code in Nigeria.

Balarabe Shehu llelah, Director-General of NBC,   gave the warning in a letter to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Arise Global Limited Saturday, October 7, 2023, in Abuja, FCT.

In the letter titled, “Preponderance of derogatory and incendiary remarks: Final warning”, Ilelah said the country’s broadcasting regulatory Commission had observed with concern, the preponderance of incendiary remarks allowed on Arise News in recent times.

The Director-General of NBC also stated: “This letter once again, seeks to underscore the tremendous responsibility put on the broadcaster to manage array of guests that may feature on the station from time to time.

“For the benefit of doubt, on October 5 during the programme – ‘The Morning Show’, anchored by Reuben Abati, Rufai Useni and Ayo Mairo Ese, featured Oladotun Hassan and Dele Farotimi as guests.”

Ilelah also stated in the letter: “The programme contained unguarded incendiary remarks by Dele Farotimi against the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Mr. President.

“Similarly, On Oct. 6, during the programme ‘Newsday’, it featured Kenneth Okonkwo (Spokesperson for Labour Party), who used derogatory remarks on air.

“Your attention is, therefore, drawn to the relevant sections of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code for compliance please.”

The Commission further explained that Section 1.10.3 of the Nigerian Broadcasting Code says, the broadcaster shall ensure that its presenter does not express his or her opinion in the programme, as a matter of professional standard.

He said Section 3.3.1 (a) stipulates that the broadcaster shall ensure that any information given in a programme, in whatever form, is accurate

Ilelah said 3.3.3 (c) provided that the broadcaster shall be above inherent biases, prejudices and subjective mindsets.

According to section 3.3.1(e), the Broadcaster shall not treat any individual or organisation in an unjust and unfair manner in any programme.

According to NBC, Section 5.3.3(b) of the code states that the broadcaster shall, in using political materials for news and current affairs programmes, avoid hate speech, inflammatory, derogatory, and divisive remarks of allusions.

Ilelah also noted: “Section 5.5.6 says, the broadcaster shall have a delay mechanism to guard against possible undesirable content.

“Arise TV is advised to install a delay mechanism to guard against possible undesirable contents as prescribed in Section 5.5.6 of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.

“Please note that henceforth, your station shall be held liable for any infraction on your platform, and applicable sanctions shall be imposed as prescribed by Law.”

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