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British Airways staff to get 13 percent pay rise

*About 24,000 workers at British Airways will get a pay rise worth more than 13 percent over 18 months from September 2023

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

About 24,000 workers at British Airways (BA) will get a pay rise worth more than 13 percent over 18 months from September 2023, the Unite union has said.

ConsumerConnect learnt the workers would also get a one-off payment of £1,000, but the Management and pilots are excluded from the deal.

After months of negotiations, the deal eases off the threat of disruption as demand for air travel increases.

Workers are pushing for higher pay in a number of sectors as inflation continues to be high, agency report said.

The pace of general price rises in the United Kingdom (UK) has been persistently high.

Inflation, while it has declined a little, is still running at 7.9 percent, well above the Bank of England’s (BoE) target of 2 percent.

Unite’s pay negotiations are focused on easing off the effects of inflation on workers.

The union said the deal also reversed pay cuts from 2020.

The “sizable pay increase” came after “detailed negotiations”, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said.

It comes as the aviation industry enters one of its busiest months for travel in the year, with families booked to go away during the school summer holidays in the UK.

Will this summer getaway be hit by travel chaos?

Easyjet cancels 1,700 flights from July to September

Airlines are keen not to repeat the chaos experienced last summer at airports as the sector grappled with a surge in demand following the pandemic, report stated.

Since then there have been further challenges, as walkouts across the industry have triggered delays in flight schedules.

Strikes by air traffic controllers in France have added to airspace congestion across the continent forcing budget carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet to cancel thousands of flights.

More recently, British Airways was able to dodge disruption after a wave of industrial action by ground handlers was called off.

It marks a turnaround for the airline which cut more than 10,000 employees during the pandemic.

British Airways has since taken on thousands more staff as demand for travel approaches.

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