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Economy Blues: Nigerian housewives groan ‘things are hard’, causing high blood pressure

A Personal Finance Consumer

*Nigerian working housewives are complaining no one can talk of eating three square meals any longer, as several families are ‘facing severe, unbearable tough times’ with inflation making things ‘very expensive while increasing blood pressure for consumers

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As the socio-economic realities become more palpable amid the recent downturn in the country, scores of Nigerian housewives tell have opened that they are perplexed and frustrated.

For different women, the story is almost the same as they tell stories of the difficulties they now encounter in trying to meet up with the economic realities in the West African country.

Food items and provisions in the Nigerian market

Ituah, a businesswoman, told Vanguard that things are getting tougher.

She complained that “to eat now is by the grace of God. Things are hard in the country now.

“It is difficult to say how one would survive on a daily basis.”

The working housewife also said: “Imagine four pieces of tomatoes in Oyingbo market (on Lagos Island) were sold for’ five hundred naira!

“My husband gave me N3,000 last week to cook stew and I started struggling with what to buy.

“In the end, I could not buy anything other than mixed pepper and tomatoes in a sachet, some crayfish, Ponmo just to make sure that my children could get something to eat.”

Ituah further expressed her frustration with the system, and said: “I am sure nobody will be thinking or talking of eating three square meals. “Many families are facing severe tough times now.

“With inflation, things are very expensive in the market.

“My blood pressure is increasing on a daily basis because things are becoming unbearable.

According to her, “if I am complaining like this, I cannot imagine what salary earners will be passing through.

“Those who just got married this year are not finding it funny, let alone those who have babies, it is so pathetic.”

Salary no longer takes me home –Comfort, salary earner

Comfort, another woman and salary earner working on Lagos Island, also shared her experience with.

She was quoted to have said: “I am just thinking of how I would manage my salary throughout the month.

“Transportation is over 300 percent, prices of foodstuffs are over 300 per cent and my salary has not changed.

“I have tried the best I can, to see how to survive this challenge, my sister, I am seriously tired. I do not know how to manage my life.”

She also disclosed “my husband is also a salary earner and things are not looking up at all.

“Our children are at the mercy of whatever we bring home.

“This is becoming more terrible, I must confess. These are seriously hard times.”

The consumer further related her experience in the country: “From this little salary, I had already collected a loan which I am expected to pay back. My take home is about N16, 000.”

Consumers no longer patronise us: Titi, Female driver

For Madam Titi, a commercial driver,  who plies Ikeja, the challenge of securing fuel is becoming unbearable.

“People are no longer patronising us because transportation fares are high now.

“For us as drivers, things are very expensive. Fuel is expensive, even prices of foodstuffs are very high.

“I am clueless on what to do next. I am only doing this because I need to support my home financially and ensure that my children can feed.”

How we ration food in the family -Gift, Fashion designer

A consumer identified as Gift, who is a fashion designer in Surulere, a Lagos suburb, noted that her family now rations food at home.

“Right now, I ensure that my family does not miss breakfast.

“We can skip afternoon meals and then find our way around evening food. I just pray God should have mercy on us in this country.

The working woman also related “I have been hearing that Nigeria will be better since I was young.

“Now, fuel (price) is going to N1000 per litre, I pray this situation will not push Nigerians to what they would not want to do just to survive.

“I am just tired of the whole situation. A bag of flour is sold for N42, 000, a bag of sugar is N39,000 to mention just a few.”

The fashion designer stated: “The question is, how am I going to survive with my family with the situation on ground?

“Many households are struggling to put food on their tables now.

“We are getting poorer and poorer everyday and it seems there is no end in sight.”

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