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TVT: Customs agents kick as Lagos introduces new fee on imported vehicles

New Imported Cars

*The Lagos State Wharf Landing Fee Collection Authority reportedly affirms the introduction of N4,600 Temporary Vehicle Tag charge is aimed at checking the use of unregistered vehicles by dealers to ensure security of all Lagosians

*Shippers’ Council Consumer Services claims agency not aware of development

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The Nigerian customs agents expressed opposition to a fresh charge of N4,600 the Lagos State Government (LASG) is imposing on all imported vehicles from the seaports in the state.

The Lagos State Ministry of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) are the government agencies introducing the new charges, known as the Temporary Vehicle Tag (TVT).

The development is currently generating tension, as port users and vehicle importers have vowed to resist the introduction of the new charge, according to report.

It was learnt that the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has reportedly linked TVT payment to the Terminal Delivery Order (TDO), and directed terminal operators not to release any vehicle without evidence of payment.

Mr. Gboyega Salvador, Managing Director of Lagos State Wharf Landing Fee Collection Authority, affirmed the introduction of the charge is for the security of everybody living in Lagos, Vanguard report noted.

Savaldor disclosed the new fee would check the use of unregistered vehicles by dealers, who sometimes use these categories of vehicles for criminal purposes, report said.

He also explained that after payment of N4,600, the clearing agents would be issued a sticker that would be placed on the vehicle.

This allows the vehicle to be driven within Lagos for the period of a month, he stated.

Customs clearing agents react

In reaction to the development, clearing agents at the port lamented that they were being overtaxed by the Lagos State Government.

According to them, already, Wharf Landing Fees are being collected on all cargoes, including vehicles.

Salvador, however, said that “the Wharf Landing Fee is being operated under a law.

“The money collected is not for Lagos State Government, it is to assist the operators.

“The Lagos Government is inconveniencing itself to do this, the money is being collected to eradicate area boys’ harassing truck drivers on Lagos roads, and the money is shared among local government areas.”

Nevertheless, Comrade Remilekun Sikiru, Youth Leader of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) at Tin Can Island Port, in Lagos, has countered Salvador’s explanation on the new charge.

Comrade Sikiru argued that the LASG first came to the port December 2022, and claimed that the TVT would replace the Wharf Landing Fees.

The Youth Leader noted: “They came around last year around December. They claimed this would replace the Wharf landing payment. I called and spoke with the Coordinator whose phone was on the flyer, he told me that with the sticker which cost about 4,600 the vehicle can be driven within Lagos for the period of one month.

“I told him this sticker should be directed to the dealers who take their vehicles around before they are sold.

“The truth remains that they want to take advantage of the fact that lots of vehicles come out of the port and want to compel the clearing agents to make this payment, furthermore they will begin operation with task force to enforce payment for the sticker.”

Sikiru further alleged that “they have been forcing terminals to include TVT receipt and confirmation as part of the documents for TDO (Terminal Delivery Order).”

In his remarks on the issue Emeka Mba, General Manager, Zenith Customs Brokers, stated the introduction of the new charge would be resisted.

Mba claimed there are some charges with no services rendered.

Reacting to the development at the Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), the port economic regulator disclosed the Council was not aware of the introduction of the fresh charge on imported vehicles through Lagos ports.

Chief Agu Cajetan, Director, Consumer Services of the NSC, was quoted to have said the Council still views the development as a rumour until the affected agents let out their complaints, report said.

Cajetan declared: “We are not aware of the development; we have heard it like a rumour, and we are waiting for complainants to come forward.

“This is a country where anybody can wake up in the morning and impose any charge without recourse to the Nigerian Shippers Council.”

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