N2.5bn Debt: KEDC confirms disconnection of Sokoto, Zamfara, MDAs  from power supply

*Kaduna Electric laments the indebtedness of both Sokoto and Zamfara State Governments and their MDAs is not only hindering the operations of the electricity Distribution Company but also making it difficult for the DisCo to discharge its obligations to consumers, and make investment for improved service delivery

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

For the failure of the two states to settle their  indebtedness receiving Demand cum Final Disconnection Notices a few weeks back, the Management of Kaduna Electric, operator of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Plc, have affirmed they  disconnected power supply to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and other facilities belonging to Sokoto and Zamfara State Governments, in North-West Nigeria.

ConsumerConnect reports the electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) disclosed that “disconnection is a last resort for us, and Kaduna Electric is pained to embark on this course of action.”

Abdulazeez Abdullahi, Head of Corporate Communications of Kaduna Electric, in a statement, said the Sokoto State Government owe outstanding electricity bills of N1,496,313,156 while Zamfara Government is indebted to the company to the tune of N1,040,506,730 as of December, 2022.

Abdullahi lamented the development is not only hindering the operations of the DisCo, but also making it extremely difficult for the power company to discharge its obligations to the electricity market as well as make the needed investment to improve service delivery.

He also explained that “it is rather sad to note that Zamfara State Government has not made any payment for its electricity bills for the past 12 months while its Sokoto State Government has defaulted in the last four months, notwithstanding their accumulated outstanding bills prior to these periods.”

According to Abdullahi, the “Kaduna Electric took the decision to issue the Demand and Final Disconnection Notices to the two State Governments when the repeated discussions, reminders and promises by senior officials of the two States were never fulfilled.

“We are obligated to make 100% remittance for cost of energy consumed in our franchise as well as transmission services and failure always attracts severe penalty.”

DisCo struggling to meet obligation to consumers over unpaid debts

The Head of Corporate Communications of Kaduna Electric further stated: “This is an obligation we are struggling to meet every month to no avail due to poor, non or irregular payment of bills by our customers.

“We confirm our readiness to restore power supply to the facilities of our customers, upon appropriate actions on the settlement of  outstanding debts and firm commitments on the payment of current electricity bills going forward.

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