Nutrition Security: Nigerian poultry farmers hopeful of enhanced growth 2023

*The Lagos Chapter of the Poultry Association of Nigeria encourages farmers while expressing optimism for considerable growth next year despite the current soaring costs of raw materials for the feed production

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In spite of the current rising costs of raw materials for feed production in the economy, the Lagos Chapter of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), has expressed optimism for industry growth in 2023.

Mr. Mojeed Iyiola, Chairman of PAN, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria Thursday, December 29, 2022, in Lagos.

The country’s poultry sub-sector of the economy is said to be contending with challenges in the past years.

However, Iyiola said despite the soaring costs of raw materials for the feed production, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the sector.

The Chairman of PAN said: “By God’s grace in 2023, we hope for a forward movement for the poultry sector in spite of the high cost of production.

“We want to encourage our farmers to endure despite the fact that we have got to the peak of high costs of raw materials.”

He also stated: “It is only farmers that can endure this period that would break through in the long run.

“We encourage our farmers to remain in business and stop closing up despite the challenges.”

With the continuous peak in poultry raw materials, the Chairman stated there has been a proliferation of substandard materials which are harmful to both human and animal health.

He called for the government’s continuous intervention to cushion the effects of the rising cost of production in the sector.

Iyiola further noted: “All we need is government’s continuous assistance and intervention in the area of animal feed as the price keeps skyrocketing daily.

“When animal feed prices continue to increase, there will be an increase of adulterated poultry inputs in the market.

“These substandard products are very injurious to the human health and the animal.”

According to him, “this also results in low production and consequent mortality of the birds.

“When these happens it results in the closure of most poultry farms. Presently we have scanty numbers of poultry farmers still in business.”

Iyiola said: “The cost of inputs keeps getting on the increase.

“From the cost of day-old chicks which used to cost between N120 and N200, now ranges between N600 and N1,000 per day old chick.

“In animal feed, a bag of 25kg of chick-mash was sold between N4,000 and N6,000 but now costs N10,000 and above now.”

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