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NCC activates ‘Shine Your Eyes, No Fall Mugu’ consumer advocacy initiative in Benin

NCC's 'Shine Your Eyes, No Fall Mugu' Special Consumer Advocacy Programme Debuts in Benin, Edo State Capital Photo: NCC

*The Nigerian telecoms sector regulator says the sensitisation programme is designed to reinforce the messages of cyber awareness, cyber vigilance, and cyber smartness to telecoms consumers while online

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As part of the regulator’s commitment to reaching out to all categories of telecoms consumers in the country, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has launched a consumer-centric outreach programme.

ConsumerConnect reports the consumer education and enlightenment initiative encoded in Nigerian Pidgin, which the Commission activated Thursday, November 25, 2021, in Benin City, Edo State capital, is tagged, “Shine Your Eyes, No Fall Mugu”.

Some members of the NCC team at the programme in Benin City 

The NCC stated this campaign theme literally means “Be On The Alert, Don’t Be A Victim Of Fraudsters” in English language.

Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde, Director of Public Affairs at NCC, said that the programme is an initiative of the Commission’s Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) specially conceived and implemented using the local parlance.

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The NCC noted that programme is intended for a segment of telecoms consumer population who are more comfortable with localised communication that resonates with their reality.

Dr. Adinde said: “The two-day programme, implemented in three phases, started with a road show yesterday.

“The Show featured local artistes and comedians who displayed musical and other performances to amuse and entertain people to create awareness and sensitise telecom consumers about how cybercriminals may use telecom platforms to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.”

The Commission said on the last day of the two-day event Friday, November 26, the show would feature a 20-minute radio talk in Nigerian Pidgin so as to further create awareness and like the roadshow, invite telecoms consumers to an enlightenment forum where presentations would be made about tricks deployed by cybercriminals to defraud people online.

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The statement noted: “The presentations will also capture measures to be taken by consumers and members of the public in order not to fall victim of fraudsters who may use telecom platforms to perpetrate fraudulent acts.

“Additionally, at today’s enlightenment forum, drama, audio narratives and other attractions thematised on the centrality of vigilance, alertness and caution in the cyberspace by all users, will be featured.”

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The telecoms sector regulator further said that the programme was facilitated by a local partner who supported NCC by mobilising critical segments of the public through opinion leaders and social groups to participate in the events, in order for them to be armed with the right information they may require to explore the Internet safely.

Some young participants in the initiative 

The NCC also stressed that these leaders and members of the public attending the forum are expected to re-diffuse the messages to other members of the public and others in their socio-cultural groups in the country.

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“This programme, coming on the heels of NCC’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (which occurred in October), and the annual National Cybersecurity Conference, which took place on 3rd November, 2021, is meant to reinforce the messages of cyber awareness, cyber vigilance, and cyber smartness to telecom consumers whenever they are online.

“The roadshow yesterday commenced at Ekehuan Road, and the procession drove through Airport Road, to State Secretariat, Sapele Road and through round about to Ring Road, to Akpakpava, Dawson Road and back to Ugbowo and Uselu Market.”

According to the Commission, the motorcade, the music, the displays by artistes and the underlying narration of the message of the outreach in Nigerian Pidgin caught the attention of residents and passers-by who patiently listened to the messages.

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Information, Communication and Education (IEC) materials were also shared with the public at every neighbourhood the procession stopped to display and educate the public, said Adinde.

Meanwhile, the Commssion has said that more mobilisation campaigns and awareness creation would be made during the radio component of the sensitisation Friday, happening at Vibes Radio, 97.3 FM at 8.45 a.m.

Thereafter, the Enlightenment Forum would take place at Obey God Events Centre at Nova Road, opposite Uwasota Junction, in Benin.

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