Minash Mum, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Minash Mum's God Foundation

Hardwork, focus, love for what I do key to entrepreneurial success ─Minash Mum

Minash Mum is a Reality TV star, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Founder of Minash Mum’s God Foundation (MMGF), a non-governmental organisation, actress, script writer, producer, costumier, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. A Science and English language instructor who is currently pursuing a career in Counselling Psychology, Minash relates her experiences on becoming the Ultimate Winner Of Season 3 of First Step To Stardom and crowned Brand Ambassador of #FSTS aired on #NewDiscoveryTV. In this interview conducted by CORNELL UDOFIA of Cornell Entertainment, she also emphasises the place of focus, punctuality, discipline, obedience and excellent character in achieving success in entrepreneurship and other areas of human endeavour. Excerpts:   

Introducing Minash Mum

Thanks so much for this exclusive interview. Indeed, I am humbled. I am Minash Mum, a Reality TV (#FSTS) star, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Founder of the Minash Mum’s God Foundation, actress, scriptwriter, producer, costumier, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

What about Minash Mum trending in Nigeria and Cameroon?

This Minash Mum is the Ultimate Winner Of Season 3 of First Step To Stardom (an online Reality TV Show exclusively on Acting) and the crowned Brand Ambassador of #FSTS aired on #NewDiscoveryTV.

Coupled with being the administrative counsellor of upcoming participants, all thanks to the producer and facilitator of #FSTS, including Nkechi Discovery and Mr. Collins Onwochei respectively.

How did you become the Brand Ambassador of First Step To Stardom?

Wow. I must say it was a ‘bittersweet’ journey. But thank God, it all ended in praise…. The key words here are ‘hardwork’ and ‘love’ for what I do and the entire #FSTS and #NDTV Entity, and what it stands for. Oh, I burnt the midnight candle, and it was a very long candle.

The efforts at achieving the feat ranged from lots and lots of publicity on all the social media platforms to personal Inbox messages soliciting for votes, sleepless nights as mentioned earlier, focus, and searching for new ways of publicity.

Puntuality, discipline, obedience, reposting directly from our Instagram page @firststeptostardom to other platforms including my private pages.

Minash Mum (seated far right) and her Minash Mum’s God Foundation team in Thailand

So, it carries the logo of the company, sharing to all groups on the social media, having something to do with acting, not excluding other entertainment groups.

Making sure I put everything that was taught into practice.

For example, taking professional videos with the right lighting and frames as being taught. My costumes always matched my performances.

I never absented any from our live shows that’s usually aired Mondays and Thursdays, 4p.m. UK time.

I always took down notes when being taught. I took great interest in my appearances .I made sure I represented myself very well, both physically and intellectually. My speech was well-coordinated.

I cannot over-emphasise on the ‘sleepless nights ‘Enough’ whew! I made sure I put my best performances both on the live shows and my assignments (submitting them on time, was key).

I did lots and lots of screenshots on all the activities happening on our social media platforms; Youtube/Facebook: New Discovery TV London, Twitter: 1stStep2Stardom, Instagram: firststeptostardom just to post on all other platforms.

I was at my best behaviour at all times, because I knew I was not only representing myself as a contestant, but the entire company.

I did all I could to direct traffic to all our social media platforms…. I can go on and on, but all I can say is ‘Thank You’, Jesus, for making this happen and also massive thanks to the entire team, fans, friends and family. Lots of love.

When did you join the entertainment industry?


What innovations are you bringing to the table as FirstStepToStardom Brand Ambassador?

That’s a good one. I always like to practise what I preach and letting the cat out of the bag is not one of my hobbies. Let’s just #watch. ThisSpace…. Hello everyone, yes you can be part of the show too. Just visit our Web site @www.newdiscoverytv.org, and fill in your free registration form. You are so welcome!

How are you able to function effectively from Thailand when First Step To Stardom is actually in London?

Yes, of course. I can #FSTS is an International Online Reality TV Show that makes it possible to stream from any part of the world in the comfort of your homes.

So, it’s very easy to operate from my base, though the headquarters is in London.

Apart from entertainment, what other career are you pursuing in Thailand?

I am a Science and English Language instructor. Also, I’m pursuing a career on becoming a ‘Counselling Psychologist’ since I have got a degree in Educational Psychology.

I also want to be a ‘Financial Planner’ with my knowledge of Economics as my minor. So, let’s see what happens as the years go by. They say learning and acquisition of knowledge never ends right?

I sincerely appreciate your publication for always proudly supporting us.

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