Jaguar-Land Rover Photo: TheAugust

Jaguar, Land Rover plan to roll out all-electric models by 2025

*Automobile experts say the consumer market still has to be convinced to give up fossil fuel for a more eco-friendly alternative

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

As automakers continue to reimagine their own future in the contemporary world, Jaguar/Land Rover (JLR) Tuesday, February 16 announced that all Jaguar and Land Rover models would come in “pure electric form” by 2030.

The British-based company’s announcement follows similar moves by General Motors, Ford, VW, BMW, and others, agency report said.

The most likely company to embrace fossil fuel-free cars, Subaru, resisted the temptation, but it finally gave up the ghost earlier 2021.

Land Rover lovers will get first dibs. That brand’s first all-electric variant will arrive in 2024, with the Discovery and Defender models going electric by 2026.

Thierry Bollaré, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jaguar/Land Rover (JLR), in the announcement said: “We are harnessing those ingredients today to reimagine the business, the two brands and the customer experience of tomorrow.

“The Reimagine strategy allows us to enhance and celebrate that uniqueness like never before.

“Together, we can design an even more sustainable and positive impact on the world around us.”

The carmaker’s history for its stylish Jaguars and what Bollaré called the “Britishness” of the Land Rover faces an uphill climb like its peers.

Any company betting on electric vehicles will need to convince the public, according to report.

Many are still unsure about how far their vehicle might go on a single charge, and truck-loving Americans may be loath to give up their gas-guzzling Ford F-150 for something more environmentally sensible.

It was learnt Jaguar faces that same challenge. The company may have a hard time transitioning models like its much-loved but often-recalled Jaguar F-TYPE to an all-electric version that maintains the feeling and power of a luxury gas-powered model.

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