Manufacturers recall chocolate products over contamination with plastic pieces, sanitisers

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Due to adulteration of certain batches of products, two companies that make chocolate products have initiated recalls milk chocolate bars from circulation to protect the wellbeing of consumers.

Lake Champlain Chocolates (LCC) said that its milk chocolate bars may have inadvertently been contaminated with brittle plastic pieces.

The company is issuing a public alert and a voluntary recall on select LCC milk chocolate products from a determined best-by date range for potential foreign objects.

It noted that it is issuing this recall after a consumer reported finding brittle plastic pieces in a finished product.

The affected products are as follows, courtesy of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA):

  1. Hazelnut Five Star Bar
  2. Fruit & Nut Five Star Bar
  3. Almond Five Star Bar
  4. Granola Five Star Bar
  5. Organic Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt & Almonds
  6. Milk Chocolate Almond Bark
  7. Chocolates of Vermont Green Mountain

The LCC, therefore, is asking consumers to discontinue use and immediately dispose of any products listed above, and they can find the Best By Date near the UPC code on the package.

While emphasising that no other products or batch codes were affected, Lake Champlain Chocolates apologises for any inconvenience to consumers of its chocolate products.

Similarly, Hiland Dairy also recalled its half-pint, low-fat chocolate milk products because they may have been contaminated with a food-grade sanitiser.

Consumers who drink affected products could become ill.

In both cases, consumers are advised not to consume the products and to contact the companies for more information.

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