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NIN-SIM Integration: How to link other phone numbers with NIMC mobile app

*As long as you have your National Identity Management Commission number, you will only download the mobile app without visiting any office, and be able to link up to seven SIM numbers to only one National Identification Number ─Dr. Isa Ali Pantami, Minister for Communications and Digital Economy

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Sequel to the Federal Government of Nigeria’s recent announcement that a telecommunication subscriber can own and link up to seven SIM cards to a National Identification Number (NIN), the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has designed a Mobile ID app to ease NIN-SIM integration process.

The NIMC Mobile ID app is designed to allow subscribers to access their national identity (ID) cards online via their smartphones, and print them.

Nigerians can use the mobile application to check their digital ID number and also download their national identity card.

To use the app, you need to have enrolled with the NIMC and get assigned a National Identification Number (NIN).

If you have not done that, you are not eligible for a National ID card and you will be unable to use the NIMC Mobile ID app.

Recall Dr. Isa Ali Pantami, Honourable Minister for Communications and Digital Economy, recently disclosed that seven SIM cards can be linked to a NIN on the NIMC mobile application.

The Minister stated: “We developed an app; when you go online, you will see it. As long as you have your NIMC number, you will only download it without visiting any office. “You will be able to link up to seven SIM numbers to only one.

“I have already downloaded the app, launched the app, and already linked some of my numbers immediately. This is part of digitalisation.”

Below are steps you can follow to link up to seven phone numbers with NIMC Mobile App:

*If you have the NIMC App on your phone, log in with your six-digit PIN

*If you don’t have the App, visit Google Play store to download for users of Android phones or go to Apple App store if you are an iPhone user and follow the steps to register.

*Once you log in and your user ID opens then click on my devices

*Add the phone number you want to link with your NIN

*You will receive SMS for your digital ID authentication code which will be six numbers on the number you want to add

*Input the number to complete the process

*Repeat the same process for as many numbers you want link to your NIN

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