COVID-19 vaccine is effective against new virus variant ─Study

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech is just as effective at neutralising the newly discovered virus strain as the original.

This disclosure is contained in the finding of a study recently completed by the companies and reported by STAT News.

ConsumerConnect learnt though the study has not been peer-reviewed, its findings conform to early predictions, that there is nothing in the variant that would give it a defence against the existing virus vaccine.

The new variant called B.1.1.7. is already quickly spreading across the world, and some health experts believe it may be responsible for the huge surge in cases over the last couple of months, agency report said.

However, a second variant of the virus was discovered during the week at a hospital in Germany.

The virus strain also is being studied to determine how it differs from the first two versions.

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