Hyundai 2020 Tucson SUV Photo: IzmoMotors

Hyundai recalls 471,000 SUVs due to risk of vehicle fires

*Automaker Hyundai says additional vehicles have the electrical problem that causes the hazard

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Hyundai says it has expanded Tucson SUVs recall to include 471,000 additional vehicles.

In September 2020, the automaker stated that an electrical malfunction put a significant number of Tucson SUVs at risk of catching fire, agency report said.

Hyundai disclosed Friday, January 8 that it is expanding its initial recall to include Hyundai Tucson SUVs, model-year 2016 through 2018, as well as some 2020 through 2021 models.

The company said the vehicles included in the newest recall come equipped with antilock brake system computers that could potentially create a short and start a fire. At least 12 fires have been started due to the problem so far, according to the automobile manufacturer.

Hyundai is urging drivers to park their vehicles outside until the issue is repaired. Towards the end of February, drivers of affected vehicles will be able to take their SUV to a dealer to get a computer fuse replaced.

In relation to the expanded recall, consumers are urged to find out if their vehicles are included in the latest recall by entering their vehicle identification numbers on Hyundai’s recalls page.

Tucson SUVs with Hyundai’s Smart Cruise control feature aren’t affected by the recall, said the company.

It is recalled that Hyundai and Kia, September 2020, voluntarily recalled nearly 600,000 cars in the United States because of the defect.

The automakers had said brake fluid could leak inside a hydraulic control unit for the anti-lock brakes, which could cause an electrical short and start a fire in the process.

The companies have been investigating the issue since 2018.

In 2020, Hyundai was reported to have informed the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it received 15 reports of engine fires caused by the leak, while Kia reported eight incidents.

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