Honda 2015 Accord Sedan Photo: NaijaTechGuide

Honda recalls 220,000 Accord vehicles over defective drive shaft

*The drive shaft may corrode and fail while a vehicle is motion

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

American Honda Motor is recalling 220,000 model year 2013-2015 Accord cars equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and a continuously-variable transmission that were originally sold, or ever registered certain states in the US due to faulty drive shaft.

The company discloses the states particularly are Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

ConsumerConnect reports drive shaft is described as a rotating shaft that ‘transmits the power from a motor or engine to another part of the machine’; for instance, from the engine to differential in a rear-wheel drive automobile or truck, or from the engine to the propeller of an aircraft.

It was gathered the drive shafts were assembled with a lubricant that may have degraded the drive shafts’ protective coating, making it more susceptible to damage from road salt or other contaminants, and potentially cause it to break.

According to Honda, a broken drive shaft may cause a sudden loss of drive power.

The vehicle could also roll away if the parking brake has not been applied before the vehicle has been exited, and either condition can increase the risk of a crash or injury.

As regards what to do in correcting the error, Honda will notify affected owners, and dealers will inspect the drive shafts, replacing both the left and right drive shafts, if necessary, free of charge.

The current recall is expected to begin February 1, 2021, and owners may contact Honda Customer Service on (888) 234-2138.

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