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Leadership Crisis: It’s America vs. America as US Capitol comes under siege (PHOTOS)

Protesters and 'Lawless Extremists' Invade US Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

Pandemonium and drama unfolded as Trump’s supporters and ‘lawless extremists’ stormed the Capitol building, in Washington, D.C., United States, Wednesday, January 6, 2021, disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory by the Congress, as the global community watched the scenarios in shock.

Washington, D.C., agency report said, descended into chaos Wednesday, when armed protesters stormed the Capitol building, compelling legislators to flee.

Smoke bombs detonated among the crowds, elected officials cowered for safety and security guards drew their guns in the chamber.

Congress security personnel aiming their pistols at the invading ‘lawless extremists’

A tug of war between the security agents and protesters

The precincts of the Capitol Hill momentarily become charged as Donald Trump’s supporters and demonstrators storm the building

The demonstrators march into the inner chambers of the Capitol building

Lawmakers hurriedly disperse, scamper for safety amid the confusion

A lawless extremist and protester with a colleague ‘takes over’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s seat in the House of Representatives 

Security officials battle to revive a dying woman during the melee

More lawmakers make their way out of the chaotic situation in the Congress

Security operatives hold some of the 52 invaders arrested in the Capitol Hill 

First-time in modern American history, the attack on the seat of government is said to have cast a shadow that will stretch over the days, weeks and months to come.

While the world watched the US democracy fall apart, several leaders have reacted to the wanton violence, describing it as a ‘disgrace’.  Photo Credits: Bloomberg, Google

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