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Book Review: ‘Be(com)ing Nigerian’

Book Cover

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Book Title:             Be(com)ing Nigerian

Author:                  Elnathan John

Published Date:    January 6, 2019

Publishers:            Cassava Republic

In Be(com)ing Nigerian, Elnathan John, the author, provides an affecting, unrestrained and satirical guide to the Nigerians you will meet at home and abroad, or on your way to hell and to heaven.

The volume is a searing look at how power is abused, negotiated and performed in private and public sectors of the economy: in politics, business, religious institutions, and in homes.

From the exploration of religious hypocrisy to inequality in matters of the heart, the collection is a jab at Nigerian society, and what it means to be a Nigerian.

Beyond poking fun at the holders of power, it is also a summons, provocation and call for introspection among all levels of society.

As is often said in Nigeria, when you point with a finger at someone, there are four others pointing back at you.

This engrossing read is a must-have for seasoned Nigerian-watchers and a uniquely informative guide for newcomers to Nigeria, with its tongue-in-cheek look at Nigeria’s relationship to itself and the world, both culturally and politically. (

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