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COVID-19: US requires presidential leadership now, no Christmas parties ─Biden

*President-elect Joe Biden declares the US requires presidential leadership to model the steps the country ‘should be taking to save our lives and the lives of our families

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As the daily death toll from the damaging Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic exceeded 3,000 people across states in the United States (US) recently, and the necessity for the developed economy to demonstrate courageous leadership in the fight against the virus to the world, President-elect Joe Biden Friday, December 11 stated the US now requires presidential leadership.

Biden said: “This nation needs presidential leadership right now, presidential leadership to model the steps we should be taking to save our lives and the lives of our families.”

One of President-elect Biden’s top COVID-19 advisers also cautioned Americans are going to find different ways to celebrate the Christmas holiday this year because Christmas parties are out.

Dr. Michael Osterholm disclosed that the next three weeks are going to be bad, and people will have to take extra precautions, said CNN report.

Osterholm as well warned that in spite of the government’s first step towards vaccine distribution, it would be “several months” before the nation sees widespread availability of vaccines.

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