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France fines Google €150m for anti-competitive behaviour

Web Editor | ConsumerConnect

France’s competition regulator has fined the United States tech giant Google €150million (£128m) over adverts on the search engine, an action considered an anti-competitive behaviour.

The company, according to Independent UK, was accused of “brutal and unjustified” suspension of keyword advertisers on its platform.

“Google has the power of life or death for certain companies that live by these advertisements,” said Isabelle de Silva, Chairman of France’s competition authority.

“We don’t contest Google’s right to impose rules. But the rules must be clear and imposed equally on all advertisers.”

The French regulator ordered Google to clarify the “opaque and difficult to understand” rules that it imposes on advertisers.

The fine comes amid growing scrutiny of major US tech companies in Europe.

Earlier this year, Google agreed to pay €500million in France in connection with a fiscal fraud probe, as well as additional €465m in unpaid taxes.

The tech giant defended its policies following the latest fine. They claimed the policies were put in place it protect users from “exploitative and abusive ads”.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson said the company would appeal the €150million fine.

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