Regulator warns marketers against unverified product/service claims for virus prevention

*The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sent warning letters to over 300 affected companies

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

In its effort at safeguarding consumers from healthcare-related Coronavirus (COVID-19) scams, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) again, has announced that it is sending out warning letters to companies that have made unsubstantiated claims that their products and services can help to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

ConsumerConnect gathered the regulatory agency Thursday, November 12, 2020, disclosed that in total, it has sent over 330 such letters in an effort at halting health-related COVID-19 scams.

The FTC said the latest batch of letters is the ninth set sent, and it covers everything from copper water bottles to water treatment systems in respect of unsupported claims of prevention and treatment of the ravaging pandemic.

The agency warns that if the companies do not retract their false claims, it will seek a Federal injunction and demand that victims receive a refund in the process.

Below are details published by the FTC about the products being sold and the offending marketers are shown below:

Bead Bracelets

  1. Bombshell Beads, LLC (Mount Juliet, TN)
  2. Copper Water Bottles
  3. Copper H2O (Blaine, WA)
  4. Fitness Classes/Personal Training
  5. Camp TUF (Pantego, TX)
  6. Indoor Tanning/Red Light Therapy/Intravenous Ultraviolet Light Therapy
  7. I B Tan (Citrus Heights, CA)
  8. Vibrant Life Oklahoma (Claremore, OK)
  9. Peptide Therapies/Intravenous Vitamin Drips and Injections/Intravenous Laser Therapy
  10. Age Management Institute Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)
  11. MD Beauty Labs, P.A. (W. Palm Beach, FL)
  12. Murfreesboro Bio Renew Clinic (Murfreesboro, TN)
  13. Park Avenue Skin Solutions (New York, NY)
  14. Revive Colorado (Denver, CO)
  15. Tribeca Wellness Collective (New York, NY)
  16. Ozone Therapy/Stem Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy/Intravenous Therapy
  17. American Regenerative Clinic (Bingham Farms, MI)
  18. Health and Wellness of Carmel (Carmel, IN)
  19. Howard Robins, DPM (New York, NY)
  20. The Fuel Stop (New York, NY)


  1. C’est Si Bon Company (Torrance, CA)
  2. Integrative Health Carolinas (Charlotte, NC)
  3. Robert O. Young (Valley Center, CA)
  4. Water Filtration Systems
  5. Hector Gotay Feliciano, dba Gotay’s Group Systems and Cebilon Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
  6. Karen Martí Reyes, dba Cebilon Y Vivenso #1Germany Sistem “Premios Awars [sic]  2020” (Puerto Rico)

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