Group lists 6 demands Buhari must meet to close ‘trust deficit’ in Nigeria

*There is a wide trust deficit between the government and President on the one hand, and between government and the youths/people on the other hand, says Concerned Nigerians

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

Subsequent to the unfolding national crisis resulting from the continued #EndSARS nationwide protests in the country, a group of “responsible and patriotic Nigerians” has organised themselves and made some crucial demands from President Muhammadu Buhari.

It was gathered the group christened “Concerned Nigerians” disclosed that they have watched with serious concern the unfolding crisis threatening to engulf the nation.

As non-partisan actors, they stated that they believe in the union of the Nigerian people through the maintenance of democratic order founded on the rule of law they believe in the freedom of all Nigerians to exercise the rights guaranteed in our constitution, including freedom of speech, the right to participate in peaceful protest and in processions without harassment or intimidation from any person or authority.

The Concerned Nigerians stressed the developments of the last weeks culminated in a deadly attack on peaceful protestors, which from available evidence appear to be by agents of the government, thus making it one of the most serious crises in the nation’s history.

The group, therefore, urged President Buhari to take six crucial steps in a bid to bridge what they have termed a widening ‘Trust Deficit’, which they believe is the root cause of protests and the ensuing violence.

There is a wide trust deficit between the government and the President on the one hand, and between government and the youths/people on the other hand, it said.

The following are the six critical demands made by the Concerned Nigerians, in respect of the critical decisions they believe Buhari must take if the country is to move forward in the right direction:

  1. Identifying and arresting immediately the persons that gave instruction for soldiers to shoot at protesting youths at the Lekki Toll Gate on 20th October, 2020.
  2. Institute an urgent independent inquiry on: (i) the events at Lekki Toll Gate leading to the use of live ammunition on the protestors and (ii) the apparent use of sponsored thugs or hoodlums by security operatives to infiltrate and break the peaceful protests. All those identified to be responsible for this must be held to account and prosecuted.
  3. Take immediate remedial action as spelt out in the youth Charter of Demands (which they term 5For5 Demands) including the immediate release of all arrested protestors, justice and compensation for the families of victims, and an independent body to oversee the prosecution of guilty officers.
  4. Address the nation with concrete plan of implementation of the modalities and timelines for police reform.
  5. Respond positively to the consensus opinion that the heads of the security agencies have performed poorly and should be relieved of office.
  6. Announce urgent steps to address perennial insecurity and killings in the country particularly in the North-East and North-West.

Finally, develop a clear workplan for the implementation of the governance reform programmes for which well-meaning Nigerians have been demanding.

The Concerned Nigerians also applauded the youths who have been courageous and patriotic in their demands for the protection of their rights and for better Nigeria.

They urged all Nigerians to support the young people’s demands which have been without any ethnic or religious coloration.

It as well encouraged protestors to remain law-abiding and patriotic and not to engage in any intimidation or harassment of ordinary citizens or engage in any form of violence.

All Nigerians were urged to remain calm and avoid retaliation or taking the law into their hands.

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