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We don’t want anti-vaccine adverts on our platform ─Facebook

*Facebook expands policy banning anti-vaccine adverts from discouraging consumers

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

For outright discouragement or “expressed opposition” to virus vaccines for immunisation of consumers, Facebook has announced that it is banning adverts that encourage people to avoid getting the much needed vaccines.

ConsumerConnect learnt that hitherto under the company’s policy, the tech giant did not allow organisations to run advertisements that made false claims about vaccines.

But now, Facebook is taking action against adverts that discourage outright or carry “expressed opposition” to vaccines.

Facebook in a statement said: “Today (Wednesday, October 14), we’re launching a new global policy that prohibits ads discouraging people from getting vaccinated.

“We don’t want these ads on our platform.”

The global search engine stated that the ban doesn’t apply to adverts that “advocate for or against legislation or government policies around vaccines.”

It also won’t prevent non-paid misinformation about vaccines from appearing on users’ feeds.

However, the company noted that it has already taken steps to make posts containing misinformation regarding vaccines less visible, report stated.


While announcing the new policy, Facebook also encouraged users to get flu shots. Facebook said it will begin showing flu shot reminders and information on its app within its new COVID-19 Information Centre.

The tech firm noted that public health officials think it’s “especially important” to get a flu shot this year in order to “minimise the risk of concurrent flu and COVID-19.

The company said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of preventive health behaviours.

“While public health experts agree that we won’t have an approved and widely available COVID-19 vaccine for some time, there are steps that people can take to stay healthy and safe.

“That includes getting the seasonal flu vaccine.”

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