Nearly 40 Grams of Hashish Hidden in Seashells Photo: US Customs and Border Protection

Drug Trafficking: US Feds seize hashish hidden in seashells from Nigeria

*US border agents found about 40-gram ‘dangerous’ hashish concealed inside seashells shaped from the country

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Vigilant United States (US) authorities have intercepted a hazardous drug in the most unusual of concealment methods, as the country’s Federal agents recently confiscated nearly 40 grams of hashish in a recent illegal drug trafficking bust.

The US Customs and Border Protection, in a statement Wednesday, October 14, 2020, said the agents discovered nearly the tens of grams of hashish that was hidden inside seashells exported from Nigeria, according to New York Times.

Hashish is a cannabis drug, or ‘a purified resin, prepared from the flowering tops of the female cannabis plant, that is smoked or chewed for its narcotic and intoxicating properties and is widely illegal.’

The agency disclosed that agriculture specialists had turned the parcel over to US Customs and Border Patrol operatives at Baltimore-Washington International Airport September 30.

It was learnt when the agency’s officers searched the package, they noticed small plastic baggies inside the seashells with a brown substance inside.

Following testing of the substance, it was confirmed to be hashish.

The package shipped from Nigeria was said to be destined for an address in Baltimore County, in Maryland, US.

Casey Durst, Director of Field Operations for CBP’s Baltimore Field Office, said: “This seizure proves once again that Customs and Border Protection is up to the task of intercepting dangerous drugs in even the most unusual of concealment methods to help keep our communities safe.”

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