2020 Nissan Elantra Photo: NissanUSA

Nissan recalls 5,520 Sentra cars over headlight misalignment

*Right-hand LED headlight may be misaligned

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

Nissan North America is recalling 5,520 model year 2020 Sentra over the right-hand LED headlight that may have been misaligned during production.

It was gathered that an improperly aimed headlight could result in insufficient illumination of the road while driving at night, increasing the risk of a crash.

As regards what to do in correcting the fault, Nissan will notify affected car owners, and dealers will replace the right-hand LED headlight free of charge, says agency report.

The current recall is expected to begin October 5, 2020, while vehicle owners may contact Nissan Customer Service on (800) 867-7669.

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