Governor (Prince) Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State

Why Ogun stops COVID-19 test requirements for SS3 boarding students

*Directs refund of money already paid for tests to parents and guardians

*Admittance of students into boarding houses in private secondary schools at the discretion of Management, Parents Teachers Association ─Governor Dapo Abiodun

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Following the parents’ protest over the state government’s request for N25,000 COVID-19 test fee while alluding move to logistical reasons, the Ogun State Government has cancelled its earlier decision that the COVID-19 test be used as a mandatory requirement for returning students in exit classes.

ConsumerConnect reports Governor (Prince) Dapo Abiodun disclosed the termination of the initial injunction via a Twitter statement Monday, August 3.

Governor Abiodun, in a communiqué titled: “Ogun Makes COVID-19 Test Free For All Returning SS3 Boarding Students”, said that the admittance of students into boarding houses in private secondary schools will be at the discretion of the management and the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of such private schools.

Earlier, the parents of pupils in private secondary schools in Ogun State had protested over the request of N25,000 COVID-19 test fee by the government, but the governor has assured that the test will now be carried out free of charge for all returning students.

The governor ordered the Government Laboratories in the state to carry out tests for all returning SS3 boarding students at no cost.

He also directed that all those who have paid for tests be refunded.

The new directive has become imperative because the health of children remains an utmost priority to his administration, he said.

Abiodun stated that in view of the total numbers of boarding students to be tested (5,340 private and 500 public), and bearing in mind the limitation of the state’s installed testing capacity of 500 tests per day, it may not be feasible for all boarding students to get tested, and get their results prior to the resumption or even exams which commences August 17, 2020.

The governor has recommended that students who do not have to stay in boarding houses should attend school from home, especially those with underlying health conditions.

Nose masks will be availed to all students in both private and public schools, he said.

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