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COVID-19: Moderna begins accelerated Phase 3 vaccine trial, receives $472m support

* Study will involve 30,000 participants who’ll receive 2 doses of vaccine or a placebo

*Why Americans yet are concerned about returning to workplaces

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As scientists around the world intensify research and efforts at producing a vaccine against the disruptive Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Moderna is receiving another $472 million from the United States (US) Government to expedite a Phase 3 clinical trial of its experimental vaccine.

Agency report says the Phase 3 study, called the COVE (Coronavirus Efficacy) study, is being conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

It was gathered that the study would involve 30,000 participants who will receive two doses of the vaccine or a placebo.

Participants won’t know whether they have the vaccine or placebo. They’ll then be monitored as they go about their daily lives in areas of high infection.

Stéphane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Moderna, said: “We are indebted to the participants and investigators who now begin the work of the COVE study itself.

“We look forward to this trial demonstrating the potential of our vaccine to prevent COVID-19, so that we can defeat this pandemic.”

Meanwhile, a recent survey finds that Americans are yet concerned about returning to the office.

According to report, the latest IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) survey of the US consumers suggests that Americans still have worries about returning to the workplace while the pandemic continues.

Compared to the June 2020 survey, Americans appear to be slightly more cautious about being back among their co-workers, stated the report.

Jesus Mantas, Senior Managing Partner, IBM Services, stated “the results from our ongoing survey underscore that consumer attitudes continue to shift as the effects of the virus fluctuate around the country, and consumers are preparing themselves for more permanent changes in behaviour.”

The findings appear to reinforce an emerging consensus among businesses that a remote workforce has been surprisingly productive, said the report.

Some business leaders have suggested some elements of the workforce will continue to operate remotely.

Google recently extended its work from home policy through summer 2021.

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