Prof. Kemebradikumo Pondei, Acting Managing Director, NDDC

Group discovers N35bn additional fraud in NDDC

* Urges National Assembly to focus investigating purported disappearance of N75 billion from Commission

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Act for Positive Transformation Initiative, a civil society and anti-corruption group in Nigeria, has said that it had discovered additional N35billion that might have been looted by the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The group stated that the latest discovery is against the N40billion it earlier said was missing through some suspected illegal payments, reports Sunday Independent.

Mr. Kolawole Johnson, Head, Directorate of Research, Strategy and Programmes of the anti-corruption group, at a media briefing Sunday, June 14, said the whole outcry about COVID-19 and the shutting down of the NDDC were a gimmick to enable the IMC siphon funds meant to better the lives of Nigerians in the Niger Delta region through the Commission.

NDDC Headquarters

The Act for Positive Transformation Initiative called on the National Assembly to rather focus its impending probe on unveiling the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the said N75billion.

Mr. Johnson said: “Gentlemen of the Press, let me attempt to paraphrase a salient quote from Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th POTUS. ‘Patriotism means to stand by your country, not to stand with any public official, save to the degree in which the official stands by the country.’

“For us as a civil society organisation, it is unpatriotic not to oppose public officials when they fail in their duties to the country.

“It is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, especially as it touches corruption, misgovernance and open rape of people’s trust.”

According to the Head of Directorate of Research, Strategy and Programmes of the group, “the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has been in focus since April, obviously for the wrong reasons.

“The audacity for looting and dark tendencies has surged uncontrollably in recent days. This worrisome development calls for serious interrogation, investigation and immediate action.”

“The late Executive Director of Finance and Administration died in the early hours of Thursday, May 28th, 2020.

“Very early in the day, our organisation, Act for Positive Transformation Initiative, had intercepted a sinister ploy to weave the unfortunate death around COVID-19.”

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