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Healthy Vitamin D levels can reduce risk of cancer ─Report

* There are countless benefits to vitamin supplement ─Researchers

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Recent studies have highlighted how Vitamin D can be effective in boosting everything from immune system health to exercise ability, and now researchers are exploring its effect on cancer risk.

In a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, healthy levels of Vitamin D can protect consumers against the risk of cancer, researchers say.

They also found that for those already struggling with certain types of cancers, having healthy levels of Vitamin D can lead to better health outcomes.

In seeing health improvements, the researchers analysed several previous studies that have linked Vitamin D levels and overall cancer risk, says report.

The study as well revealed that the supplement is effective in protecting consumers from cancer because of the role that Vitamin D plays in the immune system. Those who respond the best to Vitamin D, which means they require the lowest doses to reap the largest benefits, and are likely to be the most protected against cancer.

Nevertheless, varying levels of vitamin D could make consumers more susceptible to certain kinds of cancer.

Both prostate and breast cancer were greatly affected by Vitamin D levels. Consumers with either strain of the disease who also had low Vitamin D levels had poorer health outcomes, researchers have found.

Their work also revealed that higher levels of Vitamin D could help consumers prevent a diagnosis. Lymphoma, leukemia, and colorectal cancer were all less likely when Vitamin D levels were in a healthy range.

On the need to find the right balance, the report stated that as many consumers opt to take a Vitamin D supplement as part of their daily regimen, the researchers explained that the vitamin affects everybody differently.

Too much Vitamin D has been linked with several side effects, including poorer bone health and kidney failure.

Incorporating more Vitamin D can come with several health benefits, but it’s important that consumers are mindful of how the supplement can affect them.

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