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Burglars rob Nigerian businessman of luxury bags worth €800,000 in Paris

The 16th District (Arrondissement) of Paris, French Capital, Where the Armed Robbery Allegedly Took Place Photo: Financial Times

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Wearing face masks as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) under the pretext of preventing the spread of the damaging Coronavirus (COVID-19), armed robbers have stormed the apartment of a Nigerian businessman in Paris, capital of France, thereby making away with luxury bags worth 800,000 Euros ($865,000), sources have said.

Agency report indicates that the burglary took place in an upscale building in the 16th District (Arrondissement) of the French capital morning of Wednesday, May 27, according to sources with knowledge of the case.

With surgical masks to hide their identities, they rang the doorbell of the apartment and succeeded in entering and threatened the man with a handgun.

While the burglars failed to make their Nigerian victim to open his safe, they disappeared into thin air with the luxury bags and about €3,000 cash, stated the report.

Paris, in recent years, is said to have become ill-famed for robberies and muggings of rich individuals whom criminals target for luxury items such as jewellery and watches.

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