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Aviation Safety: Turbulence on Qatar Airways flight leaves 12 passengers injured, 8 others hospitalised

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*Qatar Airways says the severe turbulence incident involving its flight QR017, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, from Doha to Dublin, in Ireland, is subject to an internal investigation

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Following severe turbulence on the aviation firm’s flight, almost a dozen passengers were injured Sunday, May 26, 2024, during a flight from Doha, in Qatar, to Dublin, in Ireland, while eight others were taken to taken to the hospital.

ConsumerConnect learnt the Dublin Airport authorities, in a statement said that flight QR017, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, however, landed safely as scheduled before 1 p.m. (1200 GMT).

The statement also noted that upon landing the aircraft, the emergency services, including airport Police and the fire and rescue department responded.

It said “six passengers and six crew … reporting injuries after the aircraft experienced turbulence while airborne over Turkey.”

The airport said all passengers were assessed for injuries aboard the plane, and eight were then taken to hospital for treatment.

Regarding his experience on the flight, passenger Paul Mocc told Irish broadcaster RTE that he saw “people hitting the roof” and food and drink flying everywhere.

Emma Rose Power, another traveller on the flight, related after the turbulence that “some of the flight attendants I saw, they had scratches on their faces; they had ice to their faces. There was one girl that had a sling on her arm.”

Qatar Airways, in a statement, also said that “a small number of passengers and crew sustained minor injuries in flight and are now receiving medical attention.”

“The matter is now subject to an internal investigation,” stated the aviation firm.

The incident reportedly happened five days after a British man died of a suspected heart attack, and dozens of people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight from London hit severe turbulence.

While turbulence-related fatalities are rare, injuries have piled up over the years, AP report said.

Some meteorologists and aviation analysts were quoted to have disclosed that reports of turbulence encounters have been increasing, and point to the potential impacts that climate change may have on flying conditions in recent times.

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