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Party cautions PDP Governors against ‘reckless utterances capable of inflaming passions, social upheaval’

*Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress urges PDP Governors to understand that by virtue of their membership of the National Economic Council and National Council of State, they also ‘bear a solemn duty, where possible, to proffer constructive ideas or solutions to the challenges of governance’ in the country

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress has lambasted the governor’s elected on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party for “basking in willful blindness to their constitutional responsibilities.

ConsumerConnect reports the PDP Governors, in a statement issued at the weekend, had advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to “throw in the towel” if he can’t govern Nigeria anymore.

Reacting to the statement by governors of the PDP-controlled states, Felix Morka, Esq., National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Sunday, February 18, stated: “This noxious executive flippancy has now become a badge of identity for these idle but viciously complicit spectators in the affairs of their states and citizens. “A Federal system like ours operates on the idea of shared, constitutionally delineated responsibilities among the three tiers of government – federal, state and local governments.”

The APC Scribe also said: “Effective governance requires collaboration and coordination among all three levels to deliver the promise of democracy to all citizens.

“By virtue of their membership of the National Economic Council and National Council of State, governors bear a solemn duty, where possible, to proffer constructive ideas or solutions to the challenges of governance of our nation.”

The APC, though acknowledges the fact that governors, like all Nigerian citizens, are entitled to free speech, it however, stated the right must be exercised against a standard of respectability and reasonableness.

“Reckless utterances capable of inflaming passions and social upheaval must be avoided.

“Likening Nigeria to Venezuela as the PDP governors did in a recent communique, even under the prevailing challenging economic and security contexts of Nigeria, is unhelpful and smacks of unrighteous indignation,” Morka said.

The National Publicity Secretary further stated rather than live up to their responsibilities as chief executive officers of Nigeria’s federating units, the PDP governors “have turned themselves into a band of doomsday vocalists, raising their voices to deafening decibels intended to drown the groans of their citizens battered by their critical inertia, ineptitude and dismal performance as governors of their states.”

The party also stressed just as the Federal buck “ultimately stops” at the President’s table at the centre, so the state buck “ultimately stops” at the governors’ tables.

Morka noted: “The PDP governors’ call to the President to throw in the towel is nothing short of self-indictment.

“It is cringeworthy that the same governors that have never justified the massive federal allocations to their states, that have perennially stifled and dispossessed local government administrations of federally allocated funds are talking about ‘buck’.”

He also argued: “How can a governor of a state in utter shambles like Delta participate, barefaced, in a talk about “buck”?

“Has the PDP governor of Delta State even attempted to justify the over 483.57 Billion Naira federal allocation to the state in 2023? Which part or sector of Delta state bears witness to the use of that huge allocation?

“Delta State retirees have remained desperately pulverised by PDP’s uninterrupted reckless rule since the advent of this Republic in 1999.”

The ruling party equally stated since the buck also stops at the PDP governors’ table at the state level, “they should practice what they preach by resigning from their offices rather than blaming the federal administration for their utter failure to mobilise massive resources at their disposal to improve the living conditions of their people.”

The statement noted: “President Bola Tinubu is taking responsibility and providing solid leadership in this historic season of deep and enduring economic transformation in our country.

“The administration has initiated bold and far-reaching reforms that are indispensable to economic recovery, sustainable growth and prosperity.”

As regards the current socio-economic challenges in Nigeria, Morka said: “Our people are going through transient but painful difficulties that the administration is supremely determined to mitigate as these policies begin to yield desired results.

“Nigerians deserve to live in peace and security, with access to basic social and economic amenities.

“Our party and administration urges patience during these turbulent times as our nation soars unstoppably to firmer grounds and     more prosperous future.”

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