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Workforce Solutions: An unexploited strategy for business growth, by Emmanuel Asika

Emmanuel Asika, Country Head at HP Nigeria

*HP Employee Solutions are enabling Chief Innovation Officers to grow and enhance the efficiency of their teams while managing their business’ Information Technology demands

Emmanuel Asika

Globally, organisations still grapple with providing the assets, tools, and bespoke solutions employees require to succeed in today’s flexible workplaces.

This is quite surprising, considering that it’s been a while since the widespread adoption of hybrid models.

HP’s engagements with Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) and Information Technology (IT) teams have revealed the complexities associated with the installation and administration of IT infrastructure.

This complication has necessitated the call for ‘Workforce Solutions’ offerings including Device as a Service (DaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Customer Support into an integrated, flexible plan the end-user can subscribe to.

Many of the challenges of hybrid work can be eased with such flexible offerings by allowing economies of scale, and restructuring operations to deepen employee experiences.

This signifies a remarkable prospect for the tech industry – and one of the decade’s most significant business challenges, when combined.

Workforce experience takes the Lead

In Nigeria today, businesses are now entrenching sustainable ‘Employee Experience’ (EX) strategies by deepening diversity, culture re-evaluation, and inclusive reward mechanisms that drive ‘Customer Experience’ (CX). That’s the differentiator in a contemporary market.

Today, an international partnership with HP covers over 90 percent of global wireless and 5G services provider Ericsson’s devices, traversing some 130,000 consumers in 140 countries.

Staff can now choose from several laptops available that offer various solutions that empower them to complete their workload.

The devices are prepared and shipped either to their homes or offices.

All the end-user has to do is provide their email, complete the multifactor authentication, and in 10 minutes, they are good to go, thus reducing device installation time by a whopping 400 percent.

With the international nature of Ericsson’s business, it is vital that employees can work securely regardless of location.

Products like the latest HP EliteBook models, armed with 5G capabilities and military-type encryption, guarantee Client Services staff has full control of the device stack, from the application and OS level to the BIOS and hardware.

Great device functionality linked with cloud-based applications have lowered longer boot times to between 30 to 40 seconds, from 120 seconds, while ever-ready 5G connectivity eases cloud management and ensures rapid updates and service provisioning.

And where necessary, Break/Fix agreement implies employee uptime is secured with devices basically swapped for new replacements.

Altogether, this promotes a flexible, ultra-modern workplace setting for staff, and we all know that a cheerful, industrious workforce is a CIO’s delight.

Shedding IT and procurement teams’ workload

Now, to be candid, while Workforce Solutions is a blend of vital services for simplicity and suitability, this model isn’t a one size fits all remedy.

Workforce Solutions must be flexible, considering that organisations are at different phases of development and digi-tech evolution.

A significant advantage is scalability (either up or down), sanctioning businesses to change devices and software whilst reacting to modifications in growth and approach.

Without doubt, IT units of firms stand to gain from an integrated partnership framework which processes all telemetry and data across their device networking systems.

Consequently, the CIO’s schedule is positively impacted with this unified structure that aids IT teams’ concentration on higher impact initiatives, such as enabling centralisation of routine monitoring and maintenance. For instance, HP TechPulse, is a cloud-based arrangement that aggregates functional data from devices and applications, using predictive analytics and automation for practical resolution of device issues.

As such, the Workforce Solutions model provides clients clarity and serenity by pruning down organisation running costs.

Advancing sustainability through lifecycle management

Workforce Solutions presents an auspicious opportunity for institutions looking to reduce their environmental impact by preserving device lifespan, improving resource optimisation, and offering all-inclusive collection and recycling programs.

Currently, HP Partners Nigeria, an arm of HP’s business, offers a wide range of products and services – from hardware and software solutions to consulting and support services to help businesses and individuals stay productive and efficient.

Additionally, many HP partners in Nigeria have service centers where you can bring your equipment for repairs or maintenance, rather than throwing them away.

Similarly, HP consummated an agreement with BBVA, a Spanish multinational financial service provider, to supply over 5,000 devices at its headquarters.

The partnership comprises support, configuration, delivery, maintenance, and replacement services. Thus, enabling the beneficiary to cut fleet energy consumption by 32 percent, adopt more circular practices, and optimise productivity.

To make the needed paradigm shift from an office-centric model to a hybrid-by-design approach, it is fundamental to note that investing in a sustainable and inspiring office environment is a given. Thereafter, Workforce Solutions models can ease this transition by synchronising all devices and systems that staff need to operate efficiently.

In today’s landscape, it’s hard to come across an organisation that doesn’t experience positive outcomes from embracing Workforce Solutions.

With this model, CIOs and IT units can prioritise their core objectives and structure their schedule, while partners can acquire the needed tools and data for building better and more lasting customer relationships.

The same way, employees get better equipment that works seamlessly, enhancing productivity with sustainable engagement.

*Emmanuel Asika is the Country Head at HP Nigeria.

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