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Oshiomhole’s audacity of impunity, by Osa Director

Sen. Adams Oshiomhole, Ex-Governor of Edo State

*At the expense of the All Progressives Congress victory in Edo State, former Governor Adams Oshiomhole has embarked on a journey to political perdition by attempting to implant his will and wish over that of his party and the generality of Edo people

Osa Director

The forthcoming governorship election in Edo State, slated for September 2024 comes with a lot of excitement, tension and intrigues.

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state is engrossed with internecine strife, as a result of the dog fight between Governor Godwin Obaseki and his Deputy, Phlilps Shaibu on the one hand, and Obaseki’s war of attrition with the Party’s Executive Council, led by the National Vice-Chairman (South-South), Dan Orbih, on the other hand.

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress, APC, is intent on reclaiming the state it lost in 2020 due to the desperation of former Governor Adams Oshiomhole to transmute into a political godfather, a situation which led to Edolites choking him with a humble pie.

Now, with APC’s retention of power at the Federal level, Edo State looks ripe enough for plucking, especially with the politically self-destructive and immolating politics and governance style of Governor Obaseki.

However, what may look like an easy victory for APC is being complicated by the self-inflicted minefields planted by Oshomhole.

Once again, Oshomhole by his deprecating political manoeuvres and shenanigans, is working to scuttle the victory of APC come September 2024.

The former khaki-wearing Labour unionist as a victim of illusion of self grandeur is common place.

For those who know him, Oshiomhole wants to be the only cock that crows in Edo State politics.

His propensity for self promotion and zeal to be Edo State political godfather has made him read Jagaban’s book of Godfatherism upside down.

Hence, at the expense of the party’s victory he has embarked on a journey to political perdition by attempting to implant his will and wish over that of the APC as a party, and the generality  of Edo people.

In its wisdom the APC has stated clearly that the governorship will not be zoned to any body or Senatorial zone.

Hence 29 aspirants across the three Senatorial zones have indicated their interests to contest the governorship post on the platform of APC.

That has created intense excitement, decent politiking and horse trading in the state’s APC. But Oshomhole, the opinionated and self appointed leader of the party in the state would have none of that.

In a manner characteristic of a meddlesome interloper, Oshiomhole set up a kangaroo committee to screen the 29 aspirants and reduce them to six. But in what capacity can he do that? Where did he derive the powers to set up a screening committee? Is he a one-man National Working Committe to do so?

Does he have the authority of President Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the  party, President and Commander-in-Chief? Was he mandated by Abdullahi Ganduje, the National Chairman of APC to do so? Questions about the integrity and legality of his actions are too numerous to mention.

Free entry and exit, equal and uninhibited participation by all citizens  are fundamental principles and propellant of democracy and the rule of law.

Therefore, why is the  erstwhile Labour unionist determined to restrict and shut out those he does not fancy their faces in the political process in the state?

Even from sheer economic perspective an upcoming election as the one in Edo State is an opportunity for the APC as a party to rake in some good money and embrace self-sustenance instead of pressuring governors elected on its platform to loot their states resources to aid the party.

Could Oshiomhole as National Chairman of APC have allowed anyone to restrict his authority and access to the party funds the way and manner that he is doing to Ganduje? As they say in boxing, Oshiomhole has a glassy jaw. He can dish out jabs to others but cannot take any!

Most discerning political observers see beyond former governor Oshiomhole’s charade  masked in the guise of statesmanship  and attempt to foster party unity by pruning the numbers of aspirants.

For example, Oshiomhole simply wrote the six names that were announced, and gave to the so-called screening committee.

He did not allow them do an independent job. So, why not boldly come out to state his preference rather than soil the name and political career of the committee members by using them as a decoy to achieve his diabolical political agenda?

To signpost Oshiomhole’s innate cravings for political domination and self-aggrandisement, the committee on resumption of their assignment, argued that it would be unfair to Edo South Senatorial District, which is bigger than the two other Senatorial Districts combined to also produce only two aspirants.

In deference to reason  and political wisdom, the committee unanimously agreed that Edo South should produce four aspirants as against two each by the two other Senatorial Districts.

That was how Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and Major-General Charles Airiavbere were added to the list.

Unfortunately, Oshiomhole would have none of that, as he went livid with rage, telling the committee that they went beyond their terms of reference.

He bullied them to go and announce the two names in Edo South that he submitted to them.

They were the former Deputy Governor under Prof. Oserhiemen Osunbor, that is, Lucky Imasuen, and a serving member of the House of Representatives, Dennis Idahosa.

It is laughable and tragi-comical that Oshiomhole could reject the two strongest aspirants from Edo South, and also a third that was not even mentioned, the former Minister for Works, Engr. Chris Ogremwonyi for a young Idahosa, who still has political catarrh to clear from his nasal cavity.

Truth be told, without sentiments and political adumbration, Ize-Iyamu remains the most strategic and energetic political mobiliser in Edo State today.

He is the political Numero uno in Edo State. Saying that Ize-Iyamu does not matter is akin to going to Kano State to say that Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso does not matter, or go to Lagos State before Tinubu became President, and say he does not matter. That would be approximating and  cultivating a rendezvous with political disaster and suicide.

Airiavbere, apart from being a retired Major- General, was the PDP governorship candidate in 2012 and gave Oshiomhole a run for his mettle as a sitting governor.

Suddenly, they don’t matter, simply because a certain delusional political demigod cannot stand their guts!

Down to Edo Central Senatorial Zone, Oshomhole pencilled the immediate past state chairman of APC, Dr. (Col.) David Imuse and a serving senator, Monday Okpebholo, as his choice. He looked beyond the former governor, and his predecessor in office, Osunbor who is a Professor of Law and gentleman.

Even as Osunbor could not meet the amorphous standards set by Oshiomhole, his (Osunbor’s) Deputy while in office, Imasuen from Edo South met the cut off mark.

He also rejected another professor of political science, and pro democracy activist, Sylvester Odion-Akhaine. Truth be told, when the likes of Akhaine risked their lives to fight military dictatorship and attain our present democracy Oshiomhole was no where near the scene.

Oshiomhole’s rejection of these eminent Professors with unquestionable pedigree did not actually come as a surprise.

He has a reputational snub and scare of intellectuals, but with a strange preference for red necks.

However in his home Senatorial District of Edo North, Oshiomhole picked the two strongest aspirants in Clement Agba, the immediate past Minister for National Planning, and a recently retired Federal Permanent Secretary, Ernest Umakhihe. Hence, is his agenda of prebandalism and ethnic chauvinism not obvious?

The so-called screening was self-serving as there are also verifiable claims of a particular political leader from the state collecting three brand new Prado jeeps from three different aspirants whose name appeared on the censored list.

That is beside the obscene millions of naira/dollars that exchanged hands between them.

President Tinubu and Ganduje must call Oshiomhole to order and immediately tame his audacity of impunity if APC wants to win Edo State.

Oshiomhole made APC to lose the state in 2020. Therefore, history must not be allowed to repeat itself. But if men refuse to learn from the lessons of history, history will teach them a lesson by repeating itself.

Consequently, President Tinubu and Ganduje and  all men of good conscience and clout in the APC must rein in Oshiomhole so that thunder should not be allowed to strike twice in one place.

If it does, the consequences will be dire and unparralled. Every willing aspirants must be allowed to contest in a level playing field, otherwise that would be the begining of the end of APC in Edo State.

*Osa, a journalist and lawyer, writes from Lagos.

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