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Academic Fraud: Nigeria halts evaluation, accreditation of Degrees from Benin Republic, Togo

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*The Federal Ministry of Education ‘vehemently decries’ such ‘nefarious means and unconscionable methods to get Degrees and with effect from 2nd January, 2024, is suspending evaluation and accreditation of Degree certificates from Benin and Togo Republics’, pending the outcome of a joint, transnational investigation involving the three countries, security services and Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In a decisive move to further address the lingering menace of illegal Universities and other tertiary institutions at home or located abroad, preying on unsuspecting Nigerian learners, the Federal Government has suspended the accreditation and evaluation of Degree certificates from neighbouring Benin Republic and Togo.

ConsumerConnect learnt the Nigerian Government’s latest measure followed a recent news report detailing how a Nigerian so acquired a Degree certificate from a University in Benin Republic within two months.

Prof. Tahir Mamman, Nigeria’s Honourable Minister for Education

Augustina Obilor-Duru, Spokesperson for the Federal Ministry of Education (FME), in a statement issued Tuesday, January 2, 2024, in Abuja, FCT, said: “This report lends credence to suspicions that some Nigerians deploy nefarious means and unconscionable methods to get Degrees with the end objective of getting graduate job opportunities for which they are not qualified.”

The Nigerian Government stated: “The Federal Ministry of Education vehemently, decries such acts, and with effect from 2nd January, 2024, is suspending evaluation and accreditation of Degree certificates from Benin and Togo Republics, pending the outcome of an investigation that would involve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria and the two countries, the ministries responsible for Education in the two countries, as well the Department of State Security Services (DSSS), and the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC).”

Obilor-Duru also noted in the statement that the Ministry urged Nigerians to assist in providing information to help the investigative Committee as the government seeks lasting solutions to prevent future occurrences of such academic infractions.

The statement said: “FME has been contending with the problem including illegal institutions located abroad or at home preying on unsuspecting, innocent Nigerians and some desperate Nigerians who deliberately patronise such outlets.

“Periodically, warnings have been issued by the Ministry and NUC (National Universities Commission) against the resort to such institutions and in some instances, reports made to security agencies to clamp down on the perpetrators.”

Obilor-Duru, however, assured Nigerian consumers that “the Ministry will continue to review its strategy to plug any loopholes, processes, and procedures and deal decisively with any conniving officials.”

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