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Maida to Minister: Transparency shall be bedrock of telecoms regulation at NCC

r. Aminu Maida, Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of NCC (l) and Dr. ’Bosun Tijani, Honourable Minister for Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, During the Former's Visit to the Minister in Abuja, FCT Photos: NCC

*Dr. Aminu Maida, Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission, asserts that transparency will form the bedrock of his leadership, disclosing to Minister for Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy of the Commission’s major priority areas, including Broadband connectivity as the ‘biggest enabler’ of digital transformation and financial inclusion in the country’s economy

Gbenga Kayode | ConsumerConnect

Dr. Aminu Maida, Executive Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (EVC/CEO) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has assured that transparency will form the bedrock of his leadership as the chief telecoms regulator in the West African country.

Maida, disclosed this during a courtesy visit to Dr. ’Bosun Tijani, Honourable Minister for Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, in Abuja, FCT, recently as he briefing the minister on his activities, vision, and strategy since the assumption office October 2023.

Dr. Tijani (far right) stresses a point as Dr. Maida, EVC/CEO of NCC (left), and others look on during the visit

Mr. Reuben Muoka, Director of Public Affairs (DPA) at NCC, Wednesday, December 13 stated the EVCCEO of the Commission stressed that transparency as a unique leadership quality would enable “a solid foundation in building a resilient, accountable and efficient institution.”

Centrality of transparency in leadership, by Maida

Maida also said: “Transparency is key. It is by transparency that we can self-regulate even as regulators. And by so doing, we would be putting ourselves on our toes, which in the long run will drive the Commission forward to achieve our goals of operational excellence.”

The NCC Executive Vice-Chairman commended the Minister for leading by example in transparency in his leadership style.

Nigeria’s chief telecoms regulator further stated: “Honourable Minister, sir, one of the principles you have shown as a leader is transparency in all your activities and I must say that it is an attribute that has the potential to bring about a transformed industry that is accountable to both the people and the industry players.”

He equally conveyed his appreciation, through Dr. Tijani, to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for finding him worthy of the responsibility to lead a critical sector of the Nigerian economy.

Maida as well informed the Minister that the visit was a crucial one that afforded him the opportunity to share his leadership vision and priorities for the Commission with Tijani.

How NCC’s vision, priorities align with 5 Pillars of Strategic Plan

Maida also affirmed that the Commission’s priorities are in tandem with delivering on the 5 Pillars of the Strategic Plan, which the Minister for Communications, Innovation and Digtal Economy launched recently.

“I have been in this seat for about six weeks, and it has afforded me the privilege of a bird’s eye view to understand things better, and identify areas that we urgently need to work on.

“We are currently carrying out an in-depth study and critical review of issues within the industry. One of the areas we are placing priority on is Quality of Experience,” the EVC/CEO  of NCC told the Minister.

Maida further explained: “At my meeting with industry leaders, we were unambiguous that Quality of Experience (QoE) will not be negotiable.

“The Commission will take compliance in this regard seriously, and a standard of what is least acceptable will be set.”

He as well intimated the Minister with another priority area – Broadband connectivity – which Maida noted he considers as the “biggest enabler of the digital economy and financial inclusion”.

According to him, all these priority areas align with the 5 Pillars agenda of the Federal Ministry.

The telecoms rector regulatory Commission noted Maida also reflected on the need to maximise the potential of innovations in some technological evolutions, including the  5G technology revolution in order to create more opportunities within the industry and further boost connectivity in the ecosystem.

We’re reviewing internal process for enhanced efficiency, responsiveness, says EVC/CEO

During the visit, Dr. Maida informed the Minister that a review of internal processes at the Commission is ongoing “to engender efficiency and responsiveness of the Commission, including the digitisation of most of our operations.”

The Executive Vice-Chairman of NCC stated: “Under my leadership, the Commission will give priorities to the improvement of our regulatory activities.

“With this, we hope to see more investors come into the telecommunications industry in Nigeria, with the attendant creation of vertical businesses and increased Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), revenue generation and employment.”

He also said: “In all these, the goal is for the Commission to achieve optimal operational excellence, which underpins the success of all other priority areas that we have set in order to achieve a significant all-round growth of the telecommunications industry.”

Maida equally recalled his visit to the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), in Lagos, where he disclosed that he met an institution with huge potential as an asset in driving a knowledge-based economy, in line with the “Knowledge Pillar” of the Strategic Plan Dr. Tijani has unveiled.

“Consequently, we will be prioritising the revamp, retooling, and redirection of the Institute towards extracting its optimum value in line with our objectives,” the EVC/CEO said.

No future for Nigeria without the telecoms sector ─ Dr. Tijani

Earlier while warmly welcoming Dr. Maida to his office in Abuja, the Minister had acknowledged the importance and relevance of the telecoms regulator in achieving Nigeria’s digital aspiration.

Dr. Tijani stated: “The NCC is a stellar agency, and you have my respect for the work that you do. There is no future for the country without the NCC.

“Already, the quality you have is good; what we need to do now is to tap into this quality to bring about greater value for the country.”

The Minister also assured Maida: “I want to assure you that you have the best partner in me. We will work together to achieve the goals and vision we have set.”

ConsumerConnect reports Tijani, Minister for Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, during the NCC’s visit, re-affirmed the strategic importance of telecommunications in supporting the economic diversification efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Minister declared: “There is no future for Nigeria without the telecommunications sector; that is why we must get it right.”

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