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Governor Adeleke assures stakeholders mining processing begins 2024 in Osun

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State

*Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State of Nigeria discloses the state is upgrading exploration leases to mining leases, to attract more investors and ‘ensure full involvement of all interested parties’ coupled with a planned stakeholder engagement before year end

Gbenga Kayode | ConsumerConnect

In line with his administration’s plans to boost the state’s bonuses in consonance with today’s reality, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has assured residents of the state that mining processing will commence 2024.

Adeleke disclosed this development in a statement Mr. Olawale Rasheed, his Spokesperson, issued Thursday, November 23, 2023, in Osogbo, the Osun State capital.

Raw Gold stone in Osun State

The governor indicated that the state had commenced full operations on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP), which are a necessity before mining operations.

He also said: “Cleaning up of polluted environment is ongoing.

“Our mining operation now has zero tolerance for environmental degradation.”

Adeleke further noted that the state’s accumulated service charges on mining licenses had been cleared.

He stated: “We are at the tail end of upgrading our exploration leases to mining leases. This will attract more investors.

“To ensure full involvement of all interested parties, I have directed the solid mineral office to organise a meeting of all stakeholders before the end of the year.”

The governor said: “Also, my strategy is to get Osun to genuinely benefit from her natural wealth within the federal set-up. We have positive results now.”

Adeleke administration’s moves to revalidate mining licences, reposition sector

ConsumerConnect had reported Governor Adeleke, earlier this year, made a move to stop the forfeiture of Osun State’s mining licences due to alleged mismanagement by the previous administration.

He stated the measure was part of the state government’s continuous bid to secure its assets and stabilise the state economy.

Osun State of Nigeria has about seven mining licences across the solid mineral value chains.

The current administration had said that the licences were purportedly almost sold off in the last days of the Gboyega Oyetola administration through what Adeleke’s administration said appeared like a deliberate refusal to revalidate the licences by paying the required fees to the appropriate Federal Mining licensing body in Abuja, FCT.

In walking the talk as regards the maximising the mining sector of the state economy after submission of the report of the Solid Minerals Committee, Adeleke  ramped up actions to reposition the sector and ensure the revalidation of the state mining licences.

Governor’s meeting with mining regulatory agency in Abuja

During a meeting with Engr. Obadiah Nkom, Director-General of the Nigeria Mining Cadastral Agency, in Abuja, Governor Adeleke also affirmed the readiness of his administration to ensure all statutory fees are paid, so the regulatory agency could restore the state’s mining licences.

Adeleke had told Engr. Nkom: “I am meeting you today to affirm our administration’s readiness to revalidate our mining licences.

“We apologise for the conduct of the previous government.

“Under my watch, the licences will be better managed in compliance with relevant laws.”

He equally stated: “We also thank the mining authorities for protecting the state mining assets during those transition periods.

“We appreciate the professionalism of the Management of the licensing office.”

The governor assured: “On our part, we will pay the required fees and we will move ahead with a transparent management of the field operations.

“We are, however, coming back to meet the Federal Minister of Mines and Solid Minerals. Osun has been brutally environmentally violated.”

He, however, lamented  that “those the Federal Government gave mining licences to have destroyed the Osun environment. “Underground water across the Eastern Senatorial District is polluted.

“Osun deserves a marshal plan to clean up her environment.”

Adeleke further noted “but we are coming to officially provide proof of these environmental crimes.

“We will partner with the Federal Ministry on how to clean up our environment. There must be accountability.”

Regulators appreciate Osun on Federal-state mining relations, says Nkom

In his response at the meeting in Abuja, Engr. Nkom, Director-General of Nigeria Mining Cadastral Agency, expressed the readiness of the regulatory agency to partner with the Osun State Government for the revival of the state’s mining sector.

The Director-General, describing Osun as an important mining state, commended the political will demonstrated by Adeleke.

Nkom said: “This direct meeting with our agency is unprecedented in Federal-state mining relations.

“We are honored and challenged by Your Excellency’s direct meeting with me on this issue of Osun mining licenses.

“I can assure you that our cooperation is assured. We will work with your team to resolve all outstanding issues.”

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