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British Airways crew members cooked up armed robbery story to cover up drugs, alcohol abuse –Report

*The Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, say three cabin crew members of British Airways lied about being the victims of an armed robbery in their official testimonies on accusations of engaging in a drug and alcohol wild night in an abandoned facility in the South American country

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

British Airways crew members have been accused of cooking up an armed robbery narrative in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to cover up a wild night of drugs and alcohol, reported The Independent, citing Brazilian Police.

The report stated that the passengers were stuck in the Brazilian City for 24 hours after three workers reported being “too traumatised to work” after a robbery September 5, 2023.

ConsumerConnect learnt the British Airways was forced to postpone flight BA248 back to Heathrow Airport, in the United Kingdom (UK), for 24 hours since the crew was not scheduled to work the next day.

The Brazilian Civil Police agents have apparently accused the three crew members of “inventing” the armed robbery so that they could escape punishment by the bosses because their stories were inconsistent.

Speaking about the probe, the Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro told the media outlet that three cabin crew members lied about being the victims in their official testimonies.

The Brazilian officials, just one of the offences described by the trio occurred, and that the group proceeded to an abandoned petrol station near a Rio settlement to take drugs.

The Police reportedly said: “After field investigation and intelligence work, data crossing and image analysis, the Special Tourism Support Delegation (Deat) found that three flight attendants from an English company, who reported having been robbed in September this year lied in their testimony when recording the incident.”

“According to Deat, of the various crimes reported by the trio, only one occurred, after a late night in which they consumed drugs and alcohol and went to an abandoned gas station, close to a community in Rio, where they continued their drug use.

“The trio are being investigated for falsely reporting a crime.”

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