Google, Facebook extend work-from-home guidelines

* Direct most employees to resume work in office 2021

Web Editor | ConsumerConnect

In view of the need to further support the international efforts at containing the spread of Coronavirus otherwise called COVID-19 pandemic, two global tech giants, Google and Facebook, have told most of their employees to keep working from home for the rest of the year 2020 as part of a response the deadly epidemic.

Agency reports say Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive of Google, informed the staff at an all-hands meeting that its remote work policy would be extended until 2021, the Silicon Valley giant confirmed Friday, May 8.

Pichai stated that any return to offices was expected to be incremental and staggered, according to the company.

The news came along with US media reports that Facebook is also letting workers tend to their jobs remotely for the rest of this year.

It was further learnt that Google employees who need to return to offices will be able to do that in the next month or two, with added safety measures in place due to Coronavirus concerns, but most of the staff will continue working from home.

Facebook’s updated its plan is to re-open offices in early July 2020, but let people work from home if they prefer until 2021, reports said.

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