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Government effects palliative repairs on Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge, as complete overhaul of asphalt layers starts 2024 –Official

Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge

*Olukorede Keisha, Federal Controller of Works, in Lagos State, discloses the Federal Government has awarded that contract, and preparatory works are pending when the contractor moves to the site as there some elements of repairs that will be imported into Nigeria

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The Federal Government will begin a complete overhaul of the current layers of asphalt on the  Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge by the end of January 2024.

Mrs. Olukorede Keisha, Federal Controller of Works, in Lagos State, Friday, October 20, 2023, disclosed this during an interview on Channels TV monitored in Lagos.

Mrs. Keisha stated that the iconic road infrastructure would be closed for six months for proper repairs.

She said: “We were saying let us do a complete overhauling of the asphalt overlay. Some of them have been long overdue because we haven’t done that in the last 30 years.

“It is just the failures that have shown up that we have been addressing.”

ConsumerConnect had reported Engr. (Sen.) David Umahi, Honourable Minister for Works, recently noted the continued piling of asphalt layers on the bridge for decades was unsafe for motorists and other commuters.

The Federal Controller of Works, however, said: “It is going to be a complete overhauling of the asphalt layer on both bounds and then replacing it with new ones. So, that will give us relief for the next 10 years.

“The Federal Government has awarded that contract already, and preparatory works are pending when the contractor moves to the site because there are some elements of repairs that need to be imported.”

Keisha further explained that comprehensive overhaul of the asphalt layers, “we just want to do palliative work to provide relief for motorists.

“It is going to take the contractor 3 months to import those elements needed for the repair ”

The Federal Controller of Works stated: “One bound will be three months then we will divert to the other bound once we are done with this bound we will bring back traffic to this lane.

“Afterwards, we were going to have a very brand new road.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Government Thursday, October 19 announced that the 3rd Mainland Bridge would be closed to traffic from Saturday, October 21 to Sunday, October 22, for palliative works.

On allotted funds for road infrastructure

Keisha as well stressed that the 3rd Mainland project was heavily dependent on the monetary allocation disbursed for the Federal roads across the state.

She said: “What we have been doing according to the funds available, You know you can’t do beyond the funds available to you.

“Nigeria is a large state, and the funds available to the Federal Ministry of Works in its entirety will have to be shared by the 37 states.

“So what comes to us  Lagos will have to be shared amongst all the Federal roads in Lagos.” she said.

Keisha indicated that the current administration in the West African country is determined to jettison the previous “mode of road repairs” across Nigeria.

The Controller stated: “What we have been doing is sectional repairs; we look at areas that have failed and promptly attend to those areas and when you attend to this area this year, you discover another area is going to come up next year.

“But this new administration has said no to sectional repairs because if we do that we are going to have what we have been doing before, and next year, another area will show up as a failure.”

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