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Infrastructure: Minister warns piling of asphalt on 3rd Mainland Bridge unsafe, says Lagos-Ibadan Expressway ready November

Some Motorists on Third Mainland Bridge, in Lagos

*Engr. (Sen.) Dave Umahi, Minister for Works, cautions Nigerian motorists against excessive speeding on an asphalt thickness of between four and 12 inches on the popular Third Mainland Bridge that can cause vehicles to overturn, because of what he describes as ‘dangerous superelevation’ on the critical road infrastructure

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In stressing the need for  proper maintenance of critical road infrastructure in Nigeria, Engr. (Sen.) Dave Umahi, Honourable Minister for Works, has stated that the continuous pilling of asphalt on the Third Mainland Bridge could cause vehicles to overturn.

Umahi said this Friday, October 23, 2023, during his appearance on a Channels TV programme monitored in Lagos.

The former Governor of Ebonyi State, in South-East region, explained: “Each carriageway of the Third Mainland Bridge is 14 metres, which means that each carriageway is two standard carriage ways.

Engr. (Sen.) Dave Umahi, CON, Honourable Minister for Works

“So, we are dealing with 14 carriage ways. What has happened is that in engineering design, there is what is called a dead load and the asphalt is a dead load.

“What that bridge [design] is meant to carry is two inches of overlay asphalt.”

On the danger of piling asphalt on the critical road Infrastructure during rehabilitation over the years, Umahi said: “Over the years, in the course of maintenance, when a portion of it is scratched, what will happen is that they will come and clean it up and put another asphalt on it.

“So, we have an asphalt thickness of between four and twelve inches.”

He further stated: “If you are riding on that Third Mainland Bridge, you will see that you are on a superelevation, and that is dangerous.

“It can cause overturning. And again, it (Third Mainland Bridge) is not designed to carry that dead load.”

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway now for completion November, says Umahi

During his appearance on the private television show Friday, the Minister for Works also gave a new project completion date for the ongoing reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Recall the Minister earlier had said the project would be delivered mid-September 2023 after multiple deadlines, the minister has disclosed  November this year as the new date.

He said: “Let’s give it November… We may have a little bit of challenges on funding, but it is something that I intend to discuss with Mr. President.

“The funding is coming from the PIDF – Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund – programme.”

Umahi further noted: “Right now, we have a balance of N18 billion on that axis to pay.

“The stringent condition is that you cannot take funds that are meant for one project to do the other one.”

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