Mr. Boss Mustapha, Chairman, PTF on COVID-19

Government decries poor compliance with COVID-19 control measures, threatens fresh lockdown

Alexander Davis | ConsumerConnect

As the Federal Government relaxed the earlier full lockdown directive on Lagos, Ogun States and Abuja, FCT, Monday, May 4, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has lamented over the failure of several Nigerians to adhere strictly to outlined measures in respect of  the lockdown relaxation.

Mr. Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Chairman, PTF, at a its daily briefing in Abuja, said that close monitoring of activities since Monday morning revealed that the level of compliance was unsatisfactory, particularly regarding physical distancing and the use of nose masks.

Mustapha specifically, stressed that the crowds at the commercial banks pose great risks of further worsening the rate of community spreading of Coronavirus epidemic.

The PTF Chairman also disclosed that interstate travel ban has not also been compiled with.

The evacuation of almajiris from different states does not respect the guidelines nor follow the rule of the ban  he stated.

The Chairman, therefore, urged the enforcement agencies to do their jobs effectively and bring violators to book in view of the observed violations of the measures on lockdown relaxation.

He, however, called on security agencies not to take laws into their hands, but to follow due process in carrying out their duties.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) says the Federal Government might be forced to implement another lockdown if Nigerians do not comply with physical distancing measures introduced to curb further spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director-General of NCDC, at the Presidential Task Force briefing on COVID-19 Monday, May 4, stated that businesses must also join hands to implement the required health measures.

As regards compliance with measures put in place, Dr. Ihekweazu said: “Initial reports are not too pleasing across the country.”

He noted that the decision of banks to open only a few branches could be counterproductive as people troop towards the limited options.

“So there’s only so much we can do …. We can produce all the guidelines in the world, we can preach, hold press conferences, but if organisations are not going to support the implementation of these measures and help us manage the risk . . . how do we want to manage and mitigate the risk of exposure, the risk of transmission?” He quipped.

According to the NCDC Director-General, “if we do have that new explosion, there would be almost no choice for the leadership of the country than to ask everybody to go back into our homes.”

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