Organised Labour urges Nigerian authorities to sell petrol at N60

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

As the world celebrated International Workers’ Day May 1, and in view of the uncertain socio-economic climate induced by COVID-19 in Nigeria, the organised labour have requested the Federal Government to further reduce prices of petroleum products to N60 per litre of petrol.

ConsumerConnect gathered that the organised labour also solicited that the Government invest 20 percent of the entire donations received in mitigating the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Specifically, workers’ group demanded that such fund should be utilised to finance the efforts of various research institutes across the country.

Mr. Joe Ajaero, President of the United Labour Congress of Nigeria (ULC),
at a media briefing to commemorate this year’s International Workers’ Day amid global COVID-19 pandemic, said the current prices of petroleum products are a rip-off of the people.
Ajaero stated that they are not justified by any known market parameters.

The ULC President said: “Again, the ULC demands that the price of PMS, AGO and DPK be reviewed drastically downwards.

“We should not be paying anything more than N60/litre of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) and the Federal Government should allow this reflected at the pumps to stop this gang-up against the masses.”

According to him, it is a shame that Nigeria has continued importing petroleum products, while the products have become inaccessible to majority of the citizens, thus causing serious distortions to the nation’s economy.

The government has failed to live up to its electoral promises of reviving and building new refinery, he lamented.

Ajaero stated that Nigeria spends nearly 50 percent of foreign exchange received on financing the purchase of refined petroleum products.

This has made it difficult for the country to benefit even when the price of oil was up in the international market, he stated.

He noted that the current price of crude, internationally, has forced down the price of PMS all over the world and Nigerians must also benefit.

Ajaero said the Nigerian workers had never been confronted with the magnitude of the battle presented by COVID-19.

He took the opportunity to commend the workers on the frontline.

Investing in research institutes is pertinent as the mandate relates to medical, pharmaceutical and herbal research to tackle the ravaging scourge in the country, posited the Labour leader.

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