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STEM Bootcamp: NITDA committed to empowering Nigerian youths with technology –Inuwa

*Kashifu Inuwa, CCIE, Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency, explains to young Nigerians the significance of nurturing their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to shape the country’s future through technology

Gbenga Kayode | ConsumerConnect

Kashifu Inuwa, CCIE, Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), has emphasised the regulatory agency’s unwavering commitment to empowering the youths to shape Nigeria’s destiny through technology.

NITDA stated Inuwa, who said this at the closing ceremony of the NITDA STEM Bootcamp for Kids, highlighted the importance of fostering digital literacy and innovation among young minds.

ConsumerConnect reports the Information Technology (IT) regulator organised the event in collaboration with Future Map Foundation, which brought together enthusiastic students between ages 12 and 16 from various schools across Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria.

The Director-General disclosed the 10-day Training Programme held simultaneously, in Rivers, Jigawa, and the FCT, was to nurture children’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, while exposing them to the endless possibilities that digital technology offers.

Inuwa, who acknowledged the significance of STEM in today’s world, noted that technology has become the driving force behind global innovation and economic growth, underlining the urgency for young Nigerians to embrace digital literacy to secure a prosperous future.

He also stated: “Today, the world is driven by technology, and those who possess the knowledge and skills to harness it will lead the way.

“Nigeria has an abundance of talent, and by investing in STEM education from an early age, we can unlock our country’s potential and compete on the global stage.”

Inuwa as well shared personal anecdotes and insights from his journey as a technology enthusiast, who eventually became the head of a prominent IT agency in Nigeria.

Insights into essential skills for future workforce

The NITDA Chief encouraged the students to dream big and take advantage of the digital resources available to them in the West African country.

Inuwa related his experience: “I started as a young enthusiast like you, with a passion for technology.

“I became a millionaire while doing my mandatory Youth Service (NYSC).”

Inuwa further noted: “Today, I have the privilege to lead NITDA, an agency dedicated to shaping the nation’s digital future.

“The power of technology is in your hands, and I implore you to explore it to the full.”

He also stressed the importance of creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, which he deemed essential skills for the future workforce.

According to him, the STEM Bootcamp offered a range of hands-on activities and workshops. Students, he stated, have the chance to explore robotics, coding, and virtual reality, sparking their interest in the world of technology through the programme.

On STEM Bootcamp for kids in Abuja

Meanwhile, at the similar STEM Bootcamp for Kids closing ceremony in Abuja, Inuwa, represented  by Dr. Aristotle Onumo, Acting Director of Corporate Planning and Strategy at NITDA, explained that with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools available kids’ fingertips, they will prepare to change narrative and break barriers that hinder them from making progress towards actualising their dreams.

He said the training would enable the children to be conversant with emerging technologies, enhance creativity, innovation and the intellectual capabilities to be great in proffering solutions to problems, especially now that digital technologies have no barrier in age, gender, and experience.

Inuwa noted that programmes like this, which falls under the digital literacy and skills pillar of NITDA’s Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP 2021-2024), intervene in the development of digital technology by supporting, promoting, and facilitating digital skills and literacy.

According to him, these programmes also develop innovative solutions for adoption and use in every facet of national life.

Targeting 95 percent digital literacy by 2030

The Director-General said by 2030, the IT regulatory agency aims to achieve 95 percent of Nigerians digitally literate population.

The agency disclosed that parents, educators, and local officials who recognised the value of such initiatives in equipping young Nigerians with the skills needed to succeed in a digital world commended the Management on the initiative.

Participants who demonstrated remarkable dedication and exceptional skills throughout the rigorous training programme were rewarded with computers and tablets as tokens of recognition for their outstanding performance, while Certificates of achievement were bestowed upon 790 beneficiaries, irrespective of their individual performance levels.

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