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Dangote makes clarification on cement price misinformation

*The Management of Dangote Cement Plc clarifies alleged misinformation on the price of a bag of cement from its factories across Nigeria, stating the local price is at par with, or lower than what obtain across the West African coast

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The Management of Dangote Cement Plc has clarified that the price of a bag of cement from its factories across Nigeria (as of August 28, 2023) is N4,010 in Okpella and N4,640 in Ibese, Objana, and Gboko.

The conglomerate Monday, August 28 with transportation costs and the location of delivery, product prices could range from N5,000 to N5,300 per bag in the West African country.

Dangote Cement said: “This clarification is made in view of recent misinformation that the Company sells cement in Nigeria at significantly higher prices relative to other countries, particularly the Republic of Benin, and other neighbouring countries.”

The statement also noted Mr. Arvind Pathak, Group Managing Director (GMD) of Dangote Cement Plc, advised consumers, that it is important to distinguish Dangote Cement’s ex-factory prices from prices at which retailers sell cement in the market.

The company further explained: “Our check in Cotonou, the commercial capital of the Republic of Benin, indicated that cement sells between CFA 3,495 and CFA 4,500, which at the current exchange rate of CFA 1: NGN 1.43 is between N4,997 to N 6,435 per bag.”

Pathak disclosed Dangote Cement is focused on delivering quality product at the best price possible, despite the current inflationary environment in the Nigerian economy.

“We continue to innovate new ways to deliver quality products to millions of our customers across Africa, while providing top-notch customer services.

“At Dangote Cement, we are committed to building an inclusive and sustainable business for all stakeholders across the value chain,” added the Group Managing Director of Dangote Cement Plc.

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