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Digital Economy: NITDA coordinates participation at G20 Ministerial Meeting as Nigerian Startup wins global awards 

L-R. Engr. Salisu Kaka, Ag. Director of Digital Economy Development Department, Permanent Secretary,  Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy Dr. William Alo,  and Kashifu Inuwa, CCIE, Director-General of NITDA           Photo: NITDA

*The National Information Technology Development Agency says the recent G20 Ministerial Meeting, held in Bangalore, India, brought together leaders and experts from the world’s largest economies to discuss strategies, policies for fostering digital transformation, economic growth, and innovation

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

In a remarkable display of Nigeria’s burgeoning technological innovation and prowess on the global stage, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) orchestrated the country’s participation in the recent G20 Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy in Bangalore, India.

The agency Monday, August 20, 2023, stated

the G20 Ministerial Meeting brought together leaders and experts from the world’s largest economies to discuss strategies and policies for fostering digital transformation, economic growth, and innovation.

It was disclosed the Nigeria’s representation at the event was masterfully coordinated by NITDA, demonstrating the West African country’s commitment to harnessing technology for economic advancement.

The Nigerian delegation led by Dr. Willam Allo, Permanent Secretary, on behalf of Dr. Bosun Tijani, new Honourable Minister for Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, demonstrated resolute dedication to propelling Nigeria into a new era of technological progress.

Serving as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving Nigeria’s endeavors in the digital landscape, Kashifu Inuwa, CCIE,  Director General of NITDA, together with Dr. Allo co-led the Nigerian delegation to the G20 Meeting.

Their joint leadership not only underscored the seamless coordination within the delegation but also exemplified the unity in driving Nigeria’s efforts on the global stage.

According to NITDA, during this year’s highly anticipated annual assembly, a considerable amount of attention and importance were directed towards the concerted efforts aimed at fostering progress and development within the realm of technology and its multifaceted impact on our contemporary society.

The core focus of the discussions and deliberations revolved around the overarching objective of bolstering and advancing three pivotal domains, which have been identified as critical cornerstones in the ongoing journey towards an increasingly interconnected and secure digital landscape.

Foremost among these areas of concentration is the strategic endeavor to fortify and expand the sphere of Digital Public Infrastructure that encompasses a comprehensive array of initiatives and undertakings designed to optimise the foundational framework upon which our modern digital society is built.

A resolute commitment was also articulated towards the formulation and implementation of innovative Digital Skills Strategies of equipping individuals with the necessary proficiencies to navigate and thrive within the digital ecosystem cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, an integral facet that dominated the discourse throughout the assembly was the importance of fortifying Cybersecurity measures aimed at safeguarding of sensitive information, critical infrastructures, and individual privacy in the grand scheme of technological advancement.

The agency as well stated the discussions encompassed a comprehensive examination of contemporary threats and vulnerabilities, along with the formulation of proactive strategies aimed at mitigating risks and enhancing the resilience of digital systems. Collaborative efforts spanning public and private sectors were underscored as instrumental in developing a robust Cybersecurity ecosystem that can effectively counteract and neutralise the evolving threat landscape.

In addition to the core members of the delegation, six (6) innovative Nigerian startups namely; EveryFarmer, Flexisaf, BetterLife, Hallainvest, Quadloop and Lexchain sponsored by NITDA were also bestowed with a remarkable opportunity to participate the programme.

This sponsorship aimed to facilitate their active engagement on a global scale, fostering invaluable networking opportunities with their counterparts hailing from various corners of the world.

These startups not only showcased their technological prowess but also demonstrated the pivotal role they play in propelling Nigeria’s digital transformation journey. Their presence resonated with the broader theme of the delegation’s mission, which was to position Nigeria as a burgeoning hub of digital ingenuity and innovation, capable of fostering groundbreaking solutions with global relevance.

Nigerian education technology startup, Flexisaf, clinched the Best Audience Choice Award, standing out among over 150 other startups from different parts of the world, said NITDA.

The award recognises the startup that has demonstrated the most potential to make a positive impact on education through technology.

Flexisaf is a platform that provides personalised learning experiences for students of all ages.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to track students’ progress and adapt the curriculum accordingly.

Flexisaf also offers a variety of features to help students stay motivated and engaged, such as gamified learning, social learning, and real-time feedback.

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