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Brexit Backlash: Renowned London restaurant to close shop after 56 years

Le Gavroche Restaurant in London, UK

*Le Gavroche, a two Michelin-starred restaurant, in Mayfair, central London, in the UK, where several famous chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White earned their stripes, is set to wind down lamenting the country’s Brexit policy has ‘placed an enormous strain on the hospitality sector’

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

A renowned London restaurant founded by Albert Roux and Michel Roux Snr. and run by Michel Roux Jr. since 1991 has announced that it will shut early next year after 56 years due to the aftereffect of Brexit in the United Kingdom (UK).

ConsumerConnect learnt Le Gavroche, in Mayfair, central London, is a two Michelin-starred restaurant where several famous chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White earned their stripes.

When it was opened in 1967 by restaurateur brothers Albert and Michel Roux Sr. it was the only French restaurant of its kind in London, reports The Time.

However, after a long and glittering history, it is set to close its doors January 2024, with Roux Jr. saying Brexit has placed an enormous strain on the hospitality sector in the UK.

Speaking on the development, he said the consequences of the UK’s split with Europe had made things extremely difficult for his business.

According to him, “the day-to-day pressure of running a restaurant is not getting any easier.

“Living through and coming back from the pandemic didn’t do my mental health any good.”

Roux Jr. lamented: “I feel for any young independent restauranteaur opening up now.

“Brexit has put a huge spanner in the works in terms of supplies, staffing and costs.”

The celebrated chef also took to Instagram to announce the closure, saying, “it is with very mixed emotions that I announce the upcoming closure of Le Gavroche restaurant.

“After 56 years, we will close in January 2024, although ‘Le Gavroche’ name will continue to be a familiar presence in popups and other ventures.”

The hospitality expert further noted: “This decision has not been made lightly.

“Le Gavroche means so much, not just to myself and the Roux family, but to the wider Gavroche team and you, our guests, who have become our family over so many years.

“I have always felt that should Le Gavroche ever close, it must be on a high.”

He said: “Le Gavroche continues to be fully booked, week in, week out, but I have known for a while that I must make time for a better work/life balance, so I can spend more time with my family and on my other business ventures.

“We will be hosting a series of celebratory dinners, starting this November until the closure in January.

“All details will be announced in the newsletter, which you can subscribe to on the Le Gavroche Web site.”

He added: “This is not the end of Le Gavroche – the restaurant may be closing, but the name will live on.. There will be Le Gavroche pop-ups in the future, at home and abroad through @chezroux_. I will continue with working with my partners, and you’ll occasionally find me at my daughter Emily and her husband Diego’s @caractererestaurant for special events, and I will also be writing more books and popping up on your TV screens.”

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