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Convention identifies practical ways to cultivate true, lasting friendships

Photo Collage of Delegates at the 2023 'Exercise Patience' Regional Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses at Ota Assembly Hall, Ogun State, Nigeria

*The ongoing 2023 ‘Exercise Patience’ Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses identifies and explains some practical ways to cultivate true and lasting friendships

Isola Moses | ConsumerConnect

The ongoing “Exercise Patience” Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses has identified some practical ways to cultivate true and lasting friendships.

This was one of the highlights of day one in the second of the series of conventions holding at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ota, Ogun State.

Speaking Friday, August 11, 2023, on the theme, “There is an appointed time for everything”, Esperat Bamgbose, an ordained minister, explained how building friendships takes considerable time to achieve.

In the talk based on Proverbs 17: 17, the over 4,000 delegates were reminded that time is a unique gift from Almighty God.

How to successfully build and enjoy true friendships with others

The convention part highlighted how delegates could successfully build and enjoy friendships.

Throwing light on the principle contained in Proverbs 17: 17, the speaker stressed that a true friend expresses “love at all times”, and “is a brother who is born for times of distress”.

He advised the audience to shun those he described as “superficial friends” many people make on the social media platforms.

Bamgbose explained that true friendships built with trust and understanding is rather enduring and rewarding to all.

As regards the merits of building true friendships that display love at all times with patience, a video dramatisation indicated that “true friends are not perfect”, but with patience, one can get to know others over time by appreciating the good qualities in one another.

Two principal characters, August and Ben, in the brief dramatisation taught a key lesson, that it is far easier to lose friends than to build loving, lasting friendships.

Building friendships likened to planting a seed
Linking the art of building friendships to planting a seed, the talk indicated that with loyal love, trust and patience, friends can express love at all times, and build true friendships that others can emulate.

Described as a special gift, the delegates were encouraged to use their time wisely, so as to build and deepen their friendship with God and fellow humans.

Illustrating the process involved in building a lasting friendship with Almighty God, the audience was reminded of the need to study God’s Word, the Bible, and dedicate their lives to Him through water baptism.

The convention, which started on Friday and ends on Sunday, is one of over 320 to be held in 39 host cities across Nigeria, according to Afolabi Odeyemi, Regional Spokesman of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Odeyemi disclosed that some 6,000 .conventions would be held worldwide as part of the 2023 Conventions that started outside Nigeria from January 7 this year.

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