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Elevator Accident: Lagos fires facility managers, suspends regulatory agency’s GM

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State

*The Lagos State Government, following investigations of recent elevator tragedy resulting in death of Dr. Vwaere Diaso, sacks and blacklists the hospital’s elevator facility managers, and suspends General Manager of the State Infrastructure and Asset Management Agency, among other measures

Emmanuel Akosile | ConsumerConnect

The Lagos State Government (LASG) has published the findings of the panel set up to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the elevator accident that recently led to death of Dr. Vwaere Diaso, a medical doctor at the General Hospital, Odan, on Lagos Island.

Mr. Olumide Sogunle, Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Information and Strategy, stated Sunday evening, that the State Government had taken some initial actions based on the panel’s findings.

Sogunle said part of the actions included the sacking and blacklisting of the elevator facility managers and the suspension of General Manager, Lagos State Infrastructure and Assets Management Agency, among others.

Crashed elevator installed in hospital 2021 -Official

In connection with the stated of the crashed elevator at the medical centre, Sogunle however, debunked some reports that the elevator had been developing faults since 2020.

He disclosed the crashed elevator was installed brand new in 2021.

“Elevator experts working with the Lagos Safety Commission have carried out an initial inspection and will be removing the elevator for further mechanical examination to determine why the safety features that should prevent this kind of accident did not work.

“Their findings will determine, if we have a case with the elevator installer,”

In respect of the Lagos State Government’s decisions after the investigation, Sogunle further stated: “Based on our initial findings the Lagos State Government has taken the following actions:

“We have sacked and blacklisted the facility managers; the GM of Lagos State Infrastructure and Assets Management Agency is to immediately proceed on suspension.

“The operations and line of reporting of the facility managers have been restructured to involve the hospital management directly; we have handed the installation and maintenance contractors to the police for further investigation and likely prosecution if they are found culpable.

“The Police will also investigate anyone else that might be negligent.”

The government noted: “Engineers are working to unravel why all the safety devices of the elevator failed at the same time; all our staff are fully insured.

“We have informed our life insurance providers about this incident; the Lagos Safety Commission has been directed to immediately carry out an audit of all elevators in public offices.

“This is besides the usual safety arrangements that have always existed.”[do_widget id=heateor_sss_sharing-2]




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